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San Jacinto hot springs

Department: León

Municipality: Telica (view on map)

Type: Hot Springs



  • shahdaroba rodd wrote on Nov 8, 2021:

    I haven't read anything about people going INTO the hot mud. Is this just not done? too hot?

  • wrote on Dec 11, 2019:

    Hi there were a lot of children playing too close to the bubbling mud pots that's very dangerous and they were asking people for money they shouldn't be allowed there with out supervision or there should be a sign up there saying no children allowed with out a parent or a family member the kids could of gotten seriously hurt

  • Maria Isabel Roca wrote on Jul 9, 2013:

    halguna direccion donde se pueda mandar comprar la arsilla de bolkan o telefono?

  • xiomara alvarado wrote on Sep 25, 2011:

    mi pueblo de san jasinto es unico y por supuesto que siempre salimos adelante con o sin ayuda de gobiermo por que la gente que habita mi pueblo si sabe luchar y adelate paisanos yes biva leon jodido

  • pedro moreno wrote on Jun 9, 2011:

    vivo en san jacinto es muy bello pero mientras esten los sandinista en el poder no podra nunca este pueblo salir adelante, ellos los flsn administran una geotermia han contaminado todo el ambiente y la poca agua potable la han contaminado ha engañado al pueblo con darle agua y luz electrica pero en la realidad hay un poco de sin verguensa que no buscan la mejor para el pueblo tanto el alcalde sandinista de telica con sus allegados explotan lo mejor del pueblo

  • lucia moreno wrote on Jun 5, 2011:

    cobren mas a los turistas ser de mejor provecho q es eso solo 1 dolar demaciado varato

  • Polly wrote on Dec 15, 2008:

    Loved San Jacinto. Yellowstone without fences. Loved the kids, too, and came home with a little clay pot stuffed with flowers. The town is cool, too.

  • Jose wrote on Feb 28, 2008:

    This place is very interesting. It is very hot indeed and you should bring protective wear like a hat and a bottle of water. Guide Kids are great help since there are no marked paths where its safe to walk. Only thinkg you have to put up with is kids trying to sell you bags of mud they pick uo from the springs, but give them a peso and they would be happy. I loved my visit there, kids are very friendly and the springs are a very interesting natural attraction to see.

  • Kristin Van Cauteren wrote on Nov 27, 2006:

    Mud pools are interesting to see.It seems that every year more and more springs come into.Try to combinate this trip with a visit to an inguan farm (in the neighbarhood).

  • scott mcdonald wrote on Jan 9, 2006:

    This was one of the best place to visit.

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San Jacinto is a little town about 20 kilometers northeast of León. Behind the village lie boiling mud holes, connected probably to the Telica volcano. The field is not big but it is interesting as well as extremely hot to walk around and see the holes, which differ in size and color, where the mud is fiercely boiling. The mud sometimes throws little rocks in the air and steam is continuously emitted from the holes.

Many local kids offer to guide you around. This is surely a good idea because there are no clearly set paths that mark where it’s safe to walk and the kids know where to take you.

The entrance fee is C$10 for Nicaraguans (C$5 for Nicaraguan students), and US$2 for foreigners. The park is opened daily between 7AM and 5PM.

Getting There

Buses that stop in San Jacinto leave from León often. In your own car, leave León going to the north. After about 12 kilometers you should take a right, going in the direction of Malpaisillo (there are signs). After about 10 minutes San Jacinto will be on your left (it is right next to the road).