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Aguas Agrias Community

Department: Granada

Municipality: Nandaime

Type: Rural Community


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  • Clara wrote on Jun 26, 2015:

    I went swimming in the small creek of Aguas Agiras. It was an amazing experience, surrounded by nature and monkeys :) There are actually quite a few big water pools to swim and dive. The water is super clear and warm! I have been there three times during my whole stay in Nicaragua, just because I loved it so much :)

  • Elvira Van Daele wrote on Aug 18, 2008:

    Hiking Aguas Agrias is a beautiful experience!
    Great people, wonderful scenery and a large variety of butterflies make it an unforgettable trip! Make sure to bring swimming gear to have a refreshing dive and rubber boots to cross the swamp areas. If you do not have boots, the locals will lend you a pair.
    Definitely recommended!

  • Catherine Smyth wrote on Jul 29, 2007:

    I was lucky enough to be able to live and work in this community for a period of time. Aguas Agrias is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been in my life. The mountains in the distance were a welcome sight each day upon waking. The wildlife will keep you entertained, everything from the beautiful birds and butterflies to the funny little lizards and monkeys keeping an eye out from the trees while you're hiking. The community is incredibly welcoming and hospitable, generous beyond measure and very endearing. The river is so welcoming and refreshing, you'll never want to leave!

  • Gary Connolly wrote on May 20, 2007:

    I had the pleasure of living and working in this great community with its incredible scenery. The people are very hospitable and will take care of your every need. It offers you hiking, swimming in its winding river and welcoming sounds from monkeys overhead. Aguas Agrias is also a short distance from Granada.

  • Brenda Holtkamp wrote on Feb 8, 2007:

    I had the priviledge of living and working with the people of Aguas Agrias. The scenery while hiking is absolutely gorgeous. The river offers an opportunity for a wonderful refreshing swim. You will find the people of Aguas Agrias to be kind, generous and knowledgable. If you enjoy hiking you will love this spot. It is moderatelly challenging, but totally rewarding with wonderful vistas. The monkeys are sure to be entertaining.

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The rural ‘Aguas Agria’ community is located south of the Mombacho Volcano. Here, on the fertile volcanic soil, visitors can see how the Nicaraguan farmers work and what the plantations look like. The great natural setting, a mine where a special type of rock is found, and the starting point of a river are other elements that make this an interesting attraction.

During a 2-hour walk visitors can get to know this area and visit the different parts. Smaller walks are also possible by taking a couple shortcuts (this does mean missing some great views though). The tour starts at the communal house of Aguas Agrias where local guides meet the tourists. After ten minutes hikers will see the surroundings contain more rocks – a result of eruptions of the Mombacho Volcano. Architecturally, the rocks can fulfill a decorative function and they are therefore collected by people from the community to be sold.

The trail continues through banana and other plantations. The green Mombacho Volcano can be seen through the canopy of the vegetation. There is also wildlife present in this area, including monkeys, parakeets, chocoyos, motmots and even falcons.

The trail then leads to the Manares River area. At one place visitors can see how crystal-clear water comes out of the earth at the source of this river. Apparently the river source is subterraneously connected to the volcano because the water tastes bitter and sour (which is why this area is called Aguas Agrias, or Sour Water). When other influents join this river the water becomes sweeter. At some places the water is slowed down which permits visitors to take a bath in the river.

Finally the trail ends at the same place where it started. At the communal house visitors can get some drinks or a complete lunch for US$4.50. The guides (who come from this same community) can each take groups of up to five people (larger groups will have to take several guides). The fee is from US$3 to US$5 per person, depending on which tour you choose.

Aguas Agrias is manager by a cooperation of farmers that are members of the Union of Cooperative Agriculturalists ‘UCA Tierra y Agua’. This organization also offers other activities in this area like visits to the La Granadilla and Nicaragua Libre community and activities at Zapatera Island.

Getting There

The Aguas Agrias community is located in the Nandaime municipality. It can be reached from the Monte Verde community (located at kilometer 60.5 of the highway between Granada and Nandaime). Take a left turn (coming from Granada) at Monte Verde and follow the dirt road (in the dry season accessible in any type of car) for 12 kilometers. For better guiding be sure to contact UCA Tierra y Agua (see the contact information in the box to the left).

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