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Zapatera Hill

Department: Granada

Municipality: Granada (view on map)

Type: Mountains and Hills



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The hilly Zapatera Island, located inside Lake Nicaragua, can easily be seen from far. The silhouette of the island clearly shows a peak higher than the other hills. This is the Zapatera Hill, also known as the High Hill (Cerro Grande). Flora and fauna is still preserved at this hill, and this highest point of the island can be reached from the Sonzapote community.


  • Hiking the Zapatera Hill
  • Getting There

    The easiest way to get the Zapatera Island is by taking a boat from the Asese port in Granada. However, there is no public transportation to the island so the only way to organize this is to rent a private boat. Another way to get there is by contacting the Sonzapote Community (see Recommended Contacts to the left).