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Rio Santa Emilia Waterfalls

Department: Matagalpa

Municipality: Matagalpa

Type: Waterfalls


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  • Nicola Conocchiella wrote on Jul 4, 2014:

    Posti incantevoli, questi, per fortuna, ancora incontaminati !! Prima o poi, riuscirò a visitarli !!

  • Carla Montealegre wrote on Mar 24, 2012:

    To all who visit Nicaragua, I invite you to visit Salto Escondido (Hidden Fall) which is 15 kilometers from Matagalpa and is a beautiful place where you can swim under water fountain about 80 feet tall with a beautiful nature that surrounds it, you can enjoy mother Nature at it fullest. Soon it will have dining, shopping and sleeping accomodations.

  • Eddy Kuhl wrote on Feb 21, 2009:

    Santa Emilia is a historical coffee farm, it used to belong in 1900s to Spencer Richardson, Norteamerican from Boston, he was uncle to the Current Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson. Y
    Yasica river was named after a legendary Matagalpa Indian woman that lived there before the arrival of the Spanish in 1550s

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A group of waterfalls, located not far from the city of Matagalpa, offer great possibilities for a nice swim or relaxing picnic. The mountainous region is home to many different falls. Below follows a description of three of them, reachable in car or by bus from Matagalpa.

The first waterfall is called the Salto de Santa Emilia, named after the small town that is situated close by. The Salto de Santa Emilia offers a spectacular view in the rainy season when water abounds. In the dry season the waterfall is not as large, but a pound is present year-round, offering nice swimming possibilities. At this same site there is a large cave which, according to local sayings, houses small elfs. Many legends surround this place. Salto de Santa Emilia is a great place to enjoy with family or friends, picnicking next to the fall or swimming in the fresh water. This waterfall is located 15 kilometers from Matagalpa, and it can be easily reached as it is located right next to the road.

Another waterfall is located a little further ahead. The Salto Escondido is another impressive waterfall with a small parking and a little place to buy drinks. There is a trail next to the river that leads to several other small waterfalls and natural swimming pounds, great for a quick dip in the fresh water.

When hiking down the river, visitors can reach the Salto Seco waterfall. Again there are plenty swimming, relaxing, and sunbathing possibilities. Here, two rivers come together: Santa Emilia and Yasica. The second one has a rocky riverbed and is somewhat difficult to ascend, but by climbing the rocks or by taking a communal path visitors can reach the La Flor cooperative, which offers another beautiful waterfall and a small cave, as well as a huge rock which provides the possibility to jump in the water from a height of eight meters.

Getting There

These waterfalls, all located within the same region, can be reached by taking the road to El Tuma-La Dalia. After passing the town of Santa Emilia there are two bridges and the Salto de Santa Emilia can be reached by taking a right after the second bridge. A little further ahead, also on the right, there is a sign pointing to the Salto Escondido waterfall.