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Private Wildlife Reserve La Primavera

Department: Rivas

Municipality: San Juan del Sur

Type: Natural Reserves

Predominant Forest
Tropical dry forest
Type of Reserve
Private Natural Reserve
8.4 ha


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La Primavera is a Private Wildlife Reserve located in the municipality of San Juan del Sur, 25 minutes in car from the city of Rivas. It is set within a farm of eight hectares where cattle is raised (bovines and goats) and where another part is strictly conserved to protect the flora and fauna.

La Primavera is located along a historic access route used by the Spanish conquistador Gil González during his invasion of what is nowadays Nicaraguan territory. Furthermore, the ancient construction plans of the inter-oceanic canal that would connect the Pacific Ocean with the Caribbean through Lake Nicaragua and the San Juan River where designed to pass by the protected area within one kilometer. Between 1920 and 1950 the farm was furthermore included in the route of the now-vanished train that united the ports of San Juan del Sur and San Jorge.

The Kruzinna Hubner family is the owners of Finca La Primavera and they will, together with the personnel of the reserve, attend the visitors.

There are also lodging possibilities in the “Casa Loma” house, providing capacity for up to eight people in three rooms. There is furthermore place to camp and there is a fully equipped kitchen, electricity, running water, and a telephone connection. Meals can be served on request, and visitors can also taste mutton grilled on the barbeque or in the oven.

Another option is to visit the nearby Maderas Beach where the same owners offer tourists a cabin only a few meters from the beachfront. The cabin has place for four people and is equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, rancho, and camping space.

The price vary depending on the season but hover around US$15 per person per night with all services except for food included.

At Finca La Primavera visitors can undertake various activities. The rural landscape can be enjoyed in a tranquil and secure environment, but visitors can also participate in the farmers’ activities like nurturing, milking, or guarding the cattle, which are the primary functions of the farm. Horseback riding is also among the possibilities, and there is a large quantity of birds and trees (there are more than 120 tree species at the reserve). Furthermore, visits to the nearby hills or beaches can also be organized.

Getting There

Take the so-called La Chocolata Road from the city of Rivas, which leads to a small community with the same name. After six wooden bridges and a total of 12 kilometers in southeast direction there will be a sign that indicates the entrance of the reserve. Another option is to get there from San Juan del Sur, using the road that leads to the beaches of Marsella and Majagual. Here, instead of turning left towards the beaches one should continue along the road in the direction of the El Bastón village. It will then be another 12 kilometers to the San Antonio community, and here the sign will be soon seen along the road.

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