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Piedra Pintada Museum

Department: Madriz

Municipality: Somoto (view on map)

Type: Museums

Opening Hours


Tuesdays and Wednesdays
9 AM - 1 PM
2 PM - 6 PM

Thursdays and Fridays:
2 PM - 6 PM



  • claudia wrote on Aug 21, 2012:

    hey, i visited somoto a lot time ago, and i think that its a beautiful place, but it needs some investment of money in the area to give the tourist a good service... bye..

  • Ken Flyborg wrote on Jan 11, 2010:

    I have been reading about many of the towns and villages in the Somoto area. How interesting it is to note that the history of the ancient people in the area is preserved. I hope some day to visit the region and enjoy the spetacular nature of the area.

    Un Canadianse

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The "Piedra Pintada" Museum is a small room located inside the central park of Somoto (the Parque Zelaya), which demonstrates an interesting collection of Pre-Columbian pieces in excellent state, found in different regions of the country (including Santa Rosa, Cacaulí and Somoto itself) and which, according to theories, belong to several Chorotega tribes.

The exhibition shown in this establishment includes pieces that had a domestic use like objects used to grind materials and containers, but also social and religious objects like seals, necklaces, ocarinas and funeral urns. Other objects that are on display include spear points and containers that used natural materials used to paint Pre-Columbian pottery.

Another interesting aspect of the permanent exposition in this tiny museum is the collection of ancient Somoto photographs, dating back to the 20th century. Here, historical episodes from the city can be seen, including people related to the city's history .

The museum is attended by retired teachers from Somoto. Entrance is free.

Getting There

The museum is in a small kiosk located in the central park, a few meters from the Church of Somoto.