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Corncob crafts from Totogalpa

Department: Madriz

Municipality: Totogalpa (view on map)

Type: Artisans



  • mariel wrote on Apr 6, 2009:

    si mi totogalpa es pura vida soy totogalpina 100%y es mi pueblo mas querido

  • Danilo wrote on Mar 3, 2009:

    vivo en Totogalpa y no lo cambiaria por nada y sus artesanias son admirabes

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Corncob, which is the central core of a maize ear, is the principal product used in Totogalpa (a small village northeast of the city of Somoto in the Madriz department) to produce interesting handicrafts.

Several years ago, doña Sonia Vásquez, a creative lady from Totogalpa, started creating small dolls using corncob leaves, carton, and other materials, decorating it with some paint and a lot of creativity. Currently, doña Sonia's production has grown and offers a large variety of handicrafts.

Her interesting creations include corncob figures that resemble various stereotypes: farmers, saleswomen, dancers, elegant ladies, and flower sellers, as well as angels and other similar icons. Furthermore, besides the ample variety of crafts on sale doña Sonia can also fulfill custom-made orders.

To observe or purchase the corncob handicrafts visitors can stop by her shop right next to the road to Ocotal, located at the right-hand side when coming from the direction of Managua. However, it is also possible to visit doña Sonia's workshop, located in the village of Totogalpa, in the first street coming from the direction of Managua. At her workshop visitors can observe the creative production process and get to know the artist.

Getting There

To reach Totogalpa, just follow the Pan American highway from Managua until Yalagüina. Take a right here, heading to Ocotal. Totogalpa is found 10 kilometers before Ocotal. A bus runs between Ocotal and Managua (leaving in Managua from the Mayoreo market), and other buses between Ocotal and Somoto or Estelí depart with regularity. When on one of these buses, just get out at the village of Totogalpa.