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La Flor Beach

Department: Rivas

Municipality: San Juan del Sur (view on map)

Type: Beaches

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  • Barry wrote on Sep 20, 2013:

    Some great details on the festivals here! We were in San Juan del Sur when it was quiet, but we still had an incredible time! It's such a relaxed place, we stayed on marsella beach and have more photos for those interested here!

  • Roberto wrote on Nov 16, 2010:

    Hay algun numero de telefono para llamar antes y acordar la visita?

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Another bay of the municipality of San Juan del Sur is "La Flor", a secluded beach that has the privilege of being one of the few spawning spots where Paslama and Tora turtles leave their eggs. Months later, one can successfully observe the birth of this reptiles. Because of this, La Flor has been classified as Wildlife Refuge.

This beach is bordered by rocky formations. In front of it, there is a small island (which has the same name) in which a great number of seabirds have their nests. There is a large presence of wildlife animals, mainly near a small estuary.

There are no hotels or restaurants in the reserve, and the living infrastructure that does exists belongs to the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA). The institution has established representatives there in order to protect the arrival and birth of the small turtles. They are the ones who manage the lodging options, by giving spaces to camp in the middle of fruit trees and in front of the beach. Food and drinks must be taken by the visitors.

There's an entrance fee that must be paid. Prices vary for nationals and foreigners.

If visitors arrive in the right season (between August and November) it is possible to observe an unforgettable and unique event: the massive arrival of turtles. Months later, one can return and see the birth of these reptiles. In addition, the beach is also a good place for relaxation, contact with nature and walks around the area. To learn more about the arrivals and hikes, please visit the profile of the reserve on this link: La Flor Beach Natural Reserve.

Getting There

Private transportation:

A few meters before reaching San Juan del Sur, you must take the road that leads to "El Ostional", on the left. This is an unpaved road, so if you go during the winter we strongly recommend you to go on a high clearance vehicle.

Public transportation:

You can take the buses that go to "El Ostional" at the market of San Juan del Sur and ask the driver to leave you at the entrace of "La Flor". You must walk for a few minutes until reaching the beach. However, if you want to get there quicker, you can also negotiate with taxi drives from San Juan del Sur.