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Heroes and Martyrs Museum

Department: Estelí

Municipality: Esteli (view on map)

Type: Museums

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 9 AM - 4:30 PM



  • Joss joseph mageau wrote on Sep 20, 2012:

    And for all of u wishing a good holiday .. nacatamales and bajo stew and good mountian music (si) .. en matagalp y esteli y miraflor
    enjoy la "hospitalidad" .. friendliness .. of the only people in th world who on 2 succesive xmases .. noel .. or christmas .. invited me into their homes for christmas night.. unlike our fellow northerners do here in canada ..

    disfrute de la onda sandinista y las sonrisas de las mas hermosas y lindas y lisas mujeres en america o en aztlan .. homage to the redskin brothers and sisters

    check out the chicks, dig, daddio dario fron diriangen


  • mercedes contreras wrote on May 23, 2007:

    i know this place, is so sad when you go inside because you see all the pictures of the 1980' war and you get so depress, you get to see the weapons, the clothes they had on when they die, pictures, how they found their bodies, where they were buried, family portraits, the bad thing is that younever know when is open, there is no one there to tell you to come in or explain to you, but is agtreat place for history.

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This little museum close to the central park in Estelí is called the 'Asociación de ex-combatientes históricos 18 de Mayo' and is run by family of people who lost their lives during the revolution.

The Sandinistas found much support in Estelí, even before the revolution started. This is why the city has been tormented by the contras as well as by Somoza's army.

The museum is small but has many photographs, newspaper articles, and personal stories. Besides the revolution and the war, the political history of Nicaragua is also explained, part of it even in English. Entrance is free but a donation to the association is highly valued.

Getting There

You can find the museum half a block South of the cathedral.