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Chacocente Beach

Department: Carazo

Municipality: Santa Teresa (view on map)

Type: Beaches

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Declared a wildlife refuge, Playa Chacocente has - along with La Flor Beach (Rivas) - the privilage of receiving massive arrival of sea turtles. Its elongated shape and light-colored sand is surrounded by a tropical dry forest, which inhabits a variety of wildlife species.

Between July and January, tourists can see the arrival of hundreds of turtles that deposit their eggs throughout the coast. A month later, thousands of small turtles are born and start looking for the ocean. Special care must be taken in the activities carried out on the beach, especially in the season of arrivals.

Since the beach is located inside a national protected area, tourists must pay an entrance fee. MARENA provides the required information in case visitors want to camp, hike or stay at a refuge situated inside the natural reserve.

Getting There

There are various ways to get here. You can get to Santa Teresa (Carazo), or Tola Beach (Rivas) or to the Ochomogo bridge on the Panamerican Highway (Km 40).

Santa Teresa: you should go to this city and then continue on the paved road, turn left at the first joint, and continue to find the second joint. From there turn left again and follow the dirt road to the entrance of the reserve.

Ochomogo: you will recognize the entrance by a sign beside the road. Follow the road until you reach the base of MARENA. If you have doubt, ask to vollagers if you are on good way.

Tola: reach the beaches and head to El Astillero. From there a way in regulate shape reaches the station of MARENA in the reserver, however, may be impassable in winter.