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Pochomil Beach

Department: Managua

Municipality: San Rafael del Sur (view on map)

Type: Beaches

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  • enrique ramirez wrote on Mar 27, 2017:

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up: If you're looking for a place to stay in the Pochomil / Masachapa region, avoid contact and accomodations with Mercedes Duarte and Luc Laroque, local residents both of whom rent places in the area. They are pleasantly able to screw you over on rental agreements and smilingly able to break promises on contracts they have signed. They are not to be trusted!

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This beach is wide, flat and elongated. Together with Masachapa, this is one of the closest to Managua, so it is also one of the most visited destinations.

There is no town here, but rather a resort that provides several services. Horseback riding, beach sports, surf, tasting the famous 'Fish in Pochomil' buy handicrafts and accessories made with shells are some of the things tourists can do here. The coast is well equipped with bars, restaurants and hotels located in a tourist complex. There are other hotels in private properties.

Even thought the beach provides conditions to camp, it is not recommended to do so due to the number of people who visit the area. There is no space for it.

Among other things, there are shops with beach access

Getting There

It is only an hour from Managua city. You have two ways to go in private car. One is taking the Carretera Vieja a León and turn to the beaches (left) in the road junction (there is a huge sign of Montelimar). Continue on this road until you reach a top, then turn right and continue for a few minutes up to a junction near the beach, where there are signs.

The other way is through the Carretera Sur: after El Crucero town you will find a road junction (where is a big monument), here turn right heading to San Rafael del Sur. Continue this road until the junction near the beach (with signs) we already mentioned above.

You can take public buses to Pochomil and Masachapa in the Israel Lewites Market terminal. They come out every day and at different times. Then, take a taxi, moto-taxi or clicle-taxi to Pochomil beach.