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El Velero Beach

Department: León

Municipality: Nagarote (view on map)

Type: Beaches

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About 70 km from the city of Managua, is located this private beach of fine sand, not too dark. Is a beach that has two zones in which are different environments. These areas are separated by a ridge formed by a giant stone. From this stone the visitor can have an excellent panoramic view.

The first zone is at the left side of the cliff. Is a quit area, but there are ocean currents which makes it forbidden to enter the water. At the right side of the cliff, is the area where is allowed entering the water; there, within the water, are rock formations in which you can find a kind of swimming pool that is full when the tide rises.

Across the beach there are not many spaces with shadows, but to the north you can find an area with more vegetation and trees. In this area there is a natural estuary, which functions as a kind of border with the neighbouring beach. The Estuary can enter into the water when the tide is low; When it rises, it is dangerous for the strong currents of water.

You can find restaurants specializing in seafood, and a few hotels. As a private beach, is especially private construction. However, does not imply that there is a problem with go only by the day, or camping in the

Getting There

If you are traveling in private transportation, from Managua you should take the New Road to Leon, then when you reach the junction of the rio Izapa, you must turn left, go straight ahead until the entrance of the road to El Tránsito; that track will take you to the beach El Tránsito, and before reaching costa you must turn right (North) and go forward for a few minutes until you reached the entrance to El Velero, identified by labels. If you are traveling from Leon, you should arrive at the junction of Izapa and continue straight ahead on the already mentioned old road, until you reach the entrance of the road to El Tránsito, identified by labels.

If using public transport can take buses from Managua to El Velero in the terminal market 'Israel Lewites'

As a private beach, be paid the entry, unless accompanied by a beach house owner. The price depends on the size of your vehicle and the price information is exposed at one side of the road.