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Salinas Grandes Beach

Department: León

Municipality: León (view on map)

Type: Beaches

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  • Nora wrote on Aug 9, 2017:

    Salinas Grandes is a less frequented beach making it the best beach for fun and relaxation. You almost feel as if it is your own private beach. If you want to enjoy some kayaking or SUP pass by the Salinas Grandes Day Beach Resort where you can rent them. I highly recommend their dip pool. It has an amazing view!

  • Krystel Ized wrote on Jun 3, 2016:

    This is by far the best beach in Nicaragua. you can get completly immersed in local culture and walk for miles on an empty beach. For a way cheaper optionto sleep than somar check out Los cocos hostal. Run by a californian man and nicaraguan local this place has really chill vibes.. Theres loads of hammocks to relax in and good food and drink.. I strongly recommend it!

  • Julie Rosas wrote on May 25, 2015:

    Loved this place got to see a turtle lay eggs, beautiful scenery and sunset.

  • Daniel Meths wrote on Feb 1, 2012:

    Excellent beach for relaxing and see great sunsets.

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Salinas Grande Beach can be the best choice for those who are looking for a rarely frequented beach with great waves and wants to be in touch with nature. This tourist destination is located 20 minutes away from the colonial city of León and 1 hour away from Managua. Also, it offers a long coast line that extends 2 miles of light grey sand and ends at the Isla Juan Venado Natural Reserve.

There are private lands and beach front summer houses from local, national and Central American families. Through the year this beach and its surroundings remain deserted, except some areas where local people gather to enjoy the weekend. However, during Holy Week and New Year's Eve the amount of visitors increase. There are a few accommodation services available.

One area of interest is the bocana. In this point the estuary becomes a border between Salinas Grandes and Juan Venado Island. On shore, visitors can have some beverages and food in rustic ranches. On water, the best waves are made just in front of the area where salt and fresh water from the estuary collide. This is one of the main reasons why local and foreigner surfers visit the beach, considered as a hide away paradise. The beach is known for its tube type waves

At the bocana, the vegetation and seabirds confirm the entrance to a truly wildlife refuge. Salinas Grandes is established as a buffer zone of the Juan Venado Island Natural Reserve for its wide mangrove territory, untouched beaches, nesting of local and migratory birds, streams where fishes, turtles and crocodiles habit, among other attractions. The reserve conservation is evident at the Salinas Grandes area. From this zone, day tours are offered.

This area is recognized for the artisan sea salt extraction. A considerable amount of the local population work at the salt industry; others are dedicated to fishing or farming. The wide basins for salt extraction are included in the beach entrance scenario and offers a peculiar view of the horizon.

Getting There

The entrance to Salinas Grandes is located in the highway to Leon, at Km 77. In this spot are signs that indicate the 7 mile road which leads towards the beach. It is important to always stay on the main path. First, you will go through some farms, then you will see some community houses and the salt basins; after the salt containers, is located the beach. You can use any type of transportation.

To get to Salinas Grandes on public transportation you must take a bus at the station of the León market. Buses depart every day.