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Department: Managua

Municipality: San Rafael del Sur (view on map)

Type: Beaches

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  • Emilio wrote on Aug 1, 2017:

    What's the main race in somotillo

  • rey A Scott wrote on Jan 1, 2016:

    imjust womdering... patricia enme entiende/?

  • Carlos Mondragón wrote on Nov 12, 2010:

    I had the chance to meet this beach back in December. The view of the sunset is stunning. There is a little creek flowing into the sea.
    Check my shots at my blog:

  • meg wrote on Jun 24, 2010:

    We just finished a 5-day trip to Pochomil. We stayed at the Hotel Ticomo Mar and had an excellent time. The beach was almost completely empty and we had lots of privacy.

    We highly recommend the Oasis Cafe in Masachapa for fast food -- burgers, pizza, chicken. They're located right on the corner that branches off to Pochomil, across from Hotel Flipper.

    The restaurants along the beach are also wonderful and have lots of tasty food -- but be prepared for a lengthy wait (over an hour) -- bring activities for kids if you plan to dine in these restaurants.

  • Andre wrote on May 14, 2010:

    Pochomyl and masachapa
    is nice surf spot

    they arent now all New hotels B&B
    and restaurants

  • R.Salazar wrote on Apr 11, 2007:

    I remember going to Pochomil around four years ago, it is what I remember the most0 from that trip, we had been looking for a good beach and man did we get one. Yet recently ,I was told by family that it is so good that many people are flocking to it, so if you go during a high season expect many people.
    As for the horseback riding ,it was a unique experience, they're very well tamed horses in good shape.

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The wide beach of Pochomil is one of the most developed beaches of the Pacific zone of Nicaragua, which means that the visitor will find restaurants, tourist infrastructure and various activities for entertainment. Despite of this, the beach is not always packed.

Wherever you go, you will find kids and women walking by with small items, made of shells, for sale which prices are very affordable. In addition to those vendors, tourist will also likely to see some man on horses who offer horseback rides.

Walking on the beach when the sun disappears slowly into the ocean is great to do as well. The price for horseback ridings is low – about US$2 per half an hour – but should be agreed upon from the beginning.

Getting There

The distance from Managua is 65 kilometer, and it takes a little over an hour to get there. You should leave Managua by the South Highway (Carretera Sur). Continue going straight until there are signs that point to Pochomil.

When you get there, you will first see the coast at Masachapa, where you have to take a left right before entering the town. After going down the road for maybe five more minutes, you will see the entrance to Pochomil on your right. The restaurants are all grouped together and you will have to pay a small entrance price to get in.

There are also buses that leave from Managua to Pochomil.