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Handicrafts Market in Masaya

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Masaya (view on map)

Type: Markets

Opening Hours

9AM - 6PM



  • Alberto wrote on Mar 31, 2010:

    Muchas gracias por las cosas que ofrencen en el mercado de artesanias, pero ultimamente hemos llegado a las verbenas viajando desde somoto y nos hemos decepcionado pero grandemente, solo grupos champu presentan y la entrada mas cara, la comida pesima y solo venta de rones y cervezas se ven, es increible como se ha deteriorado lo que se llamaba verbena, le pido a ladireccion del centro que sea mas cultural, mas social, donde puedas llegar con la familia y los amigos, saludos

  • jennifer wrote on Aug 11, 2009:

    this place was crazzy my mom went all out and almost bought todo el mercado..but it was awsome..espechially andando en camuneta con el madre sol en el mercado era bien tuani..! que vivan los nicaraguenses.!!

  • jason t wrote on Feb 17, 2007:

    this place is amazing! i spent 2 years as an LDS missionary and these people were wonderful in making sure that we got what we needed

  • Lin - Belgium wrote on Dec 29, 2006:

    At the Mercado Municipal you can find also a lot of souvenirs and cheaper than on the Mercado Artisanal! We bought a ceramic pig for only 10 cordobas.
    If you're walking through Masaya you can just stop a horse coach and for a couple of cordobas it drops you off at the market. It's a very pleasant way to drive trough this beautiful city.

  • A visitor wrote on Dec 6, 2006:

    When I brought souvenirs for my family back home, they were delighted and grateful.

  • Maria wrote on Jan 13, 2006:

    Be sure to go to the Mercado Municipal for your purchases after you visit the Artisian Mercado. Items are the same and cost less cordobas. In some cases items are 1/2 the price.

  • rigo taleno wrote on May 9, 2005:

    In my visit to Masaya, I found enless variety of souveniers to take back to Los Angeles, CA. Masaya is full of many choices of arts and crafts , which you just cant resist to buy and take as souveniers, the people are friendly, and the city is very interesting with so many people coming and going to their daily lives, the best time I like to visit is at the end of september for the San Jeronimo fistas. rigo.

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The crafts market in Masaya is a nice place to get your Nicaraguan souvenirs. A friendly setting and lots of small stands with souvenirs that are not very different but that do offer enough variety to find something for everybody back home.


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