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Rubén Darío National Theater

Department: Managua

Municipality: Managua (view on map)

Type: Theaters



  • venel wrote on Feb 18, 2019:

    a stunning breathtaking experience

  • raymond alvarfez wrote on Apr 16, 2018:

    que pasa con su web side? deseo enviar un mansaje al director del teatro pero no funciona la paina que muestran en su sitio. es muy importante porque se trata de una musica clasica escrita por un compositor nicaraguense por 1910 .

  • Carolina wrote on Aug 13, 2014:

    Tienen informacion de los eventos en Octubre?

  • Pedro Jose Zelaya wrote on Jun 8, 2014:

    You are wonderful !!

  • wrote on Dec 20, 2013:

    how much are the tickets for 2

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  • Tanya Cox wrote on Aug 8, 2012:

    We need information on the show, Lion King, that is in August 26 and 27. How do we get tickets?

  • Byron wrote on Jul 20, 2009:

    Hello, we need more Information about the Schedule of the concert performed by de Hungarian Chamber Oschestra. We don´t Know which pieces they will perform.

  • alex wrote on Jul 28, 2007:

    Hi everyone! i've been to the theatre and it's very exiting.

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The Rubén Darío National Theater was inaugurated in 1969. When the earthquake hit Managua in 1972 the theater was one of the few high buildings that did not collapse. The theater has been maintained in its original style, and this impressive building nowadays serves as the most important theater for shows and concerts.

The theater is a huge building, especially from Nicaraguan perspective. There are several rooms and halls where events take place. The big, stylish lobby functions as a place where conferences, book presentations, fashion shows, small concerts, and art presentations are held.

The Crystal Room on the second floor has been named after the two big, crystal chandeliers donated by the Spanish government when the theater was inaugurated. This room is well equipped for painting exhibitions, with dark walls and special lighting. The room can seat 350-400 people, and is therefore also used for small concerts and presentations.

The Main Hall is equipped with 1200 seats and a big stage. Here the main concerts and shows take place. The hall has great acoustics and many famous national and international dancers, singers, and actors have enjoyed these facilities.

There is a lower seating area plus three balconies. The presidential seats are located in the center of the first balcony, and occasionally used by the president himself. Tickets to the theater are not expensive and a great opportunity to enjoy this truly beautiful theater. The calendar for upcoming events can be found below, or at the website of the theater (Spanish).

Please take the following considerations in mind:

  • Fifteen minutes after the show starts no more people are allowed to enter
  • You can not wear shorts or slippers
  • Children below 4 are not allowed

You should get your tickets beforehand at the theater. For more information, call to the number listed under Useful Contacts.

Getting There

To get there, you can simply tell a taxi driver to bring you to the National Theater ('Teatro Nacional'). In your own car, drive from the Plaza Inter shopping mall towards the lake (pass the rotary and go straight). This road ends after about 3 kilometers, at the shores of Lake Managua, and you will see the Theater to your right just before the road ends.

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