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La Polvora Fortress

Department: Granada

Municipality: Granada (view on map)

Type: Fortresses




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The La Polvora fortress is located at the end of the Calle Real street. From here, there is a view of not only the city of Granada, but also Lake Managua and the Mombacho Volcano.

The fortress was built in 1748 as a supplier of gun powder. At the El Castillo Fortress, located on the banks of the San Juan River, there existed a problem with conserving the gun powder due to high humidity. To store and protect the gun powder, the La Polvora Fortress was built here in Granada. Later, this fortress was also used for accomodating troops and as a prison.

Nowadays the walls and the towers of the fortress are still standing. Old barrels and even a cannon are also still present.

Getting There

It is really eassy to get to La Polvora as it is located at the West end of Calle Real Xalteva, one of the oldest street in city. Go to central park's southwest corner, and from there walk West 8 blocks. You will see the fortress just at the end of the street. Click the map icon (above) to see the georeferenced mark.

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