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Canopy La Brellera

Department: Jinotega

Municipality: San Rafael del Norte (view on map)

Type: Sport Center

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
9 AM - 5:30 PM



  • wrote on Nov 12, 2014:

    The best Canopy in Nicaragua

  • wrote on Mar 6, 2014:

    beautiful place, I love it!!!!

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Just five minutes away from the center of the San Rafael del Norte village, you can find the Canopy La Brellera. This is an excellent place to zipline among the trees in this mountainous location in northern Nicaragua. The canopy site is located along a paved road that is well-maintained, and can be easily accessed by private and public transportation.

Canopy La Brellera offers nine platforms connected by eight cables and two hanging bridges, allowing participants to 'zip' from tree to tree. The distances (and speed!) will vary between the different ziplines, but this is certainly a thrilling experience, both for people who have never ziplined before as for people with experience.

The full tour lasts 45 minutes for US$20 per person. The canopy opens every day (from Monday to Sunday) from 8 AM to 5:30 PM. There are two short tour options: US$18 per person for 5 cables, and US$13 for three cables. All tours include guides with experience. Check below some details. La Brellera opens daily from 8 AM to 5:30 PM.

The bilingual staff of La Brellera will provide all necessary equipment, including gloves, helmets and harnais. Instructions will be provided to make sure every participant will safely move from platform to platform. You can enjoy a different and home made barbecue food at the restaurant in place.

Please note that it is not possible to undertake this activity if there is any thunderstorm in the area.

Check the Canopy La Brellera facebook page.

YouTube Video

Full Tour
All La Brellera cables, platforms and bridges are involved in this tour. Ziplines length vary between 71 yard to 328 yard (65 m - 300 m), and highs above the ground goes from 4.37 yard to 65.6 yard (4 m - 60 m). It last 45 minutes and cost US$20 per person.

5 cables Tour
This variation is developed on the first part of La Brellera's circuit. In this case, ziplines length goes from 71 yard to 219 yard (65 m - 200 m), and highs from 4.37 yard to 33 yard (4 m - 30 m). It finish in a platform located 13 yards above the ground, from which is made a rappeling to the soil, where the tour finish. It last 35 minutes and cost US$18.

3 cables Tour
This shorter option involve the very first cables of the circuit. The length of those cables goes from 71 yard to 219 yard (65 m - 200 m), and highs from 4.37 yard to 7.65 yard (7 m - 30 m). Last cable leads to the ground, where the yout finish. It last around 25 minutes and cost US$13.

Getting There

The Canopy La Brellera is 4 kilometers North from San Rafael del Norte, in the road to San Sebastian de Yali (known also as "Yalí"). Check above the little map icon to see the point.

In public transportation, you can go to San Rafael del Norte in bus from cities as Jinotega (COTRAN bus terminal), Estelí (COTRAN bus termina) and Managua (El Mayoreo Market bus terminal). Once in San Rafael, you can take a bus to Yalí and get off 4 kilometers after leaving San Rafael; you can also take a taxi to the canopy.

By your own car, reach San Rafael del Norte and then take the road to Yali. After 4 kilometers you will see the canopy label (right)

In private transportation, you must reach San Rafael coming from Jinotega, an then turn North to Yalí. The canopy entrance is 4 kilometers from San Rafael in this road.

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