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Bajadero de Guadalupe

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Nindirí (view on map)

Type: Viewpoints

100 meter



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The Bajadero de Guadalupe is a trail that leads to a viewpoint where is easy to enjoy a panoramic landscape that includes views of the Masaya Lagoon, Piedras Quemadas park and the Masaya Volcano. To reach this point without any difficulty, one can walk down stairs located 200 meters from the main road and in good conditions.

This “bajadero” (point of descent) allows tourists to have direct contact with locals, because of its location in a rural area of Nindirí. The villagers usually walk the stairs to find wood or wash their laundry on the shores of the lagoon.

A few meters from the viewpoint one can find the “Sacrifice Stone”, whose name comes, according to locals, from the ceremonies held by the Indians, sacrificing the most beautiful girl in town to avoid a big volcanic catastrophe upon the community.

Next to the “Sacrifice Stone” there is a little area, popular a among young couples, offering a friendly, natural environment and tranquil ambiance.

At this bajadero visitors can undertake several activities including photography, landscaping, observation of flora and fauna and trekking through a burned rock field that leads to Los Almendros Viewpoint, located at the Lagoon Masaya shores. The travel time to the “Sacrifice Stone” is between 5 to 10 minutes from the Managua-Masaya highway entrance.

Getting There

At km 25.8 along the Managua-Masaya highway, precisely at 300 meters after the previous location of restaurant Nika Pollo, one can find the rural neighborhood “El Hoyo” which features a cross called called “la Cruz del Señor de los Milagros”. A few steps from the cross begins the stairs to the viewpoint.

As a recommendation, is better to ask someone of the community the exact location of the restaurant Nika Pollo (this restaurant does not exist anymore but it is still used as a reference) because there's no signs that identify the place.

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