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Los Almendros Viewpoint

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Nindirí (view on map)

Type: Viewpoints

50 meter



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The Los Almendros viewpoint is one of the touristic attractions integrated in the rural area of the municipality of Nindirí. The strategic location at the shore of the lagoon allows visitors direct contact with nature, culture as well as history.

This viewpoint is known for showing a part of Nicaraguan history. Here, one can find the famous chalet of President Anastacio Somoza Debayle (Nicaraguan dictator between 1967-1979). Nowadays, the ruins of this infrastructure stand out in the middle of the trees and bushes near the lagoon's shore.

There are many ways to reach this point: Bajadero Las Gradas, Bajadero de Guadalupe and the old Bajadero de Veracruz, which is the trail surroundedby dry forest and a road covered by volcanic rocks -part of the Masaya Volcano National Park - that leads to the lagoon shore.

During the journey by the Bajadero de Veracruz, one can visit the house of the family known as “Los Chipotes”. Rodolfo Tapia Larios, a fisherman who has been living in this area for around 50 years, can offer an interesting chat about history and a dish full of tropical fruits such as “jocotes”.

Depending on the time of day, this viewpoint also provides an opportunity to observe locals in their everyday activities like hanging clothes at the volcanic stones, picking wood, washing clothes at the lagoon shore or diving in the lagoon's fresh waters. From here you can also easily see the Masaya municipal baseball stadium “Roberto Clemente”.

The travel time to the community Los Almendros is 20 to 30 minutes from el Bajadero de Guadalupe and it is recommended to wear appropriate clothes such as a hat, sports footwear, and comfortable clothes. Be sure to bring sunscreen and water to keep hydrated.

Be sure to note that the Masayas Lagoon is contaminated. However, locals tend to swim in the lagoon on hot days.

Getting There

From the Managua-Masaya highway it is easy to reach the Bajadero de Guadalupe, which at the same time connects with the Bajadero de Veracruz. This is a path at the Piedras Quemadas park that leads directly to Los Almendros viewpoint.

If you are interested in getting to Los Almendros viewpoint across the Bajadero Las Gradas, you can go directly to the Bucanero Restaurant near the entrance, located at the edge of the Managua-Masaya highway and proceed with the journey. This trail is also in good shape.

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