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Mercado de Artesanías de Nindirí

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Nindirí (view on map)

Type: Markets

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
9 AM - 9 PM



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The handicraft market is a place where visitors can find a variety of products, from crafts to clothes and shoe wear. It features a large parking lot and bathroom for visitors. The market is easily accessible.

This place consists of 14 modules, divided in two sections. Between both sections prevails a garden covered by flowers, grass and a fountain with turtles in the middle. The market floor is ceramic and therefore easy to walk on.

Both sections are distributed as follows: one is the food court where tourists can find fast food, typical food and cocktails. In this part of the market, some merchants offer clothes and shoes. The other half of this place consists of handicraft shops as well as stores with diverse products like jewelry, aromatic candles, cosmetics, clothes and shoe wear.

The stores sell Nicaraguan handicraft. Not all products, however, are made by artisans. Is easy to find clothes made by the same merchants or brought from other places. The specialty at the food court is roasted meat (pork, chicken or beef). Also, the visitor can have the joy to taste “raspados” (typical ice cream) made with a machine that crushes ice and then covered by a flavor of choice.

The garden separates both sections of the market. At the garden's edge there are many flowers and at the halls are benches for people to rest while they shop. .

Getting There

The Nindirí handicraft market is located 300 meters from the town entrance, next to the health center. Coming from the Managua-Masaya highway in vehicle (headed to Masaya), stop at km 26 marker and at the entry you will see an Esso gas station. Turn left and keep going forward 300 meters; the market is located in a corner at the left-hand side.

Public transportation from the highway is available at C$10. If you decide to walk, you can reach the place without any problem, you just have to walk the 300 meters from the entrance to the market. The street is in a good shape.