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Artisanal Black Ceramic Workshop

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Nindirí (view on map)

Type: Artisans

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
8 AM - 5 PM



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In the small city of Nindidrí lies Leslia Rodríguez black pottery workshop. This type of crafts is one of the few in the region, because the black pottery is found in the northern part of the country. At the workshop are elaborated from small pieces to dolls up to 30 centimeters height. The black pottery is made from mud and the elaboration of figures is an interesting process. Leslia offers classes and sells all her products by request.

Since Leslia was 5 years old, she learned how to work with mud. It is a tradition inherited from her mother. The time that it might take to make a handicraft work varies from one day to several weeks, depending on the quantity, size and details of each piece; if the piece is smaller, requires more work and therefore the price is higher.

One of the aspects that make attractive Leslia workshop, is that she elaborates the pieces with her own hands. First, takes the mud with the hands clean, otherwise it can lose the purity because it is directly taken from a mud mine in Matagalpa. Then, it gets it wet with a little water; and begins to move it with the palms of her hands and shapes it with her fingers. At the end she polishes it with a flat river stone until it has a fine finish, and puts it in the oven. Once in burning process, the piece is extracted of the fire, then it is cooled slightly and now is ready to be delivered.

The majority of Leslia's work are commissioned, takes note of how much time is required and then she puts the price and the date when the piece will be ready. The price depends on the size of the piece: can vary between US$5 and US$25.

The another attraction is the crafts classes, the price is US$5 per hour, the schedule of the classes is preferably in the afternoon. The classes are in Spanish and Leslia provides all materials for the crafts elaboration.

Getting There

If you are arriving in car, coming from the Managua - Masaya – Granada road, you reach the kilometer 26. Close to the labeled entry to the city; turn left and then, arriving at the entrance of Nindiri, keep forward to the center of the city wich is at North of the entrance, there you will see the Santa Ana Church, continue two blocks northward and then 50 meters towards the West.

The public transportation has a price of C$10. If you want to walk you can do it, just have in mind that the distance is is fairly long.