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Majales Farm

Department: Matagalpa

Municipality: Matagalpa (view on map)

Type: Farms

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

If you want to visit the farm, please confirm one week advance



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Finca Majales is an agro - tourism space located in the buffer zone of the Cerro El Arenal Natural Reserve, which has an intact cloud forest and outdoor activities are possible.

This Property belongs to the Ing. Timoteo Zamora Blandón. It has an extension of 44 acres, of which 29 contains coffee and banana cultivation, as well as banana trees, with some wild oranges and other types of timber-yielding and fruit-bearing tree.

There are 6 acres of intact cloud forest where endemic species of the area inhabit, in addition to mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

As in all the natural reserve, are also cultivated within the property the tubers as quequisque and malanga. In other 8 acres it is possible to find strawberries and corn, depending on the season.

In this entirely rural environment , located at 1,200 meters over sea level, with temperatures plummeting to 18 degrees during the night, many activities that vary in difficulty levels can be performed.

The visitors can also relax with a good cup of coffee and watch the city of Matagalpa or the Valley of San Ramon, from a small hill within the property, while having an interaction with nature, taking pictures of the landscape or enjoying a campfire.

Other activities that can be realized require more physical effort. The farm has several trails in which the visitor can take long walks, but if he or she prefers more adventure, without any problem you have the opportunity to go trekking or mountain biking.

Another option is to have more experiential interaction with communities and the local culture. This alternative will include accommodation in tents and food in a cozy atmosphere, with guide services, among others; although the visitor can also get to spend the day without the need for camping.

Also, the visitor will be able to go to other sites equally interesting within the Cerro El Arenal Natural Reserve and its surroundings, as well as travel to other destinations as Las Cañas, the Yasica River and its waterfalls, among others.

It is advisable to wear boots, pants, shirt, sweater and water. If the Finca Majales is integrated in your travel list, it is important to contact the person in charge of the activities a week before making the visit to the place.

Roberto Rosales

Lester Zamora


Getting There

To get to the farm takes 20 minutes by private vehicle, 30 minutes in public bus and a long walk of an hour from Matagalpa city. To get there, take the road to the Dalia and, in the kilometer 139 (entry to La Verona) turn northward and continue for about 2km on the gauge of macadam. It should be noted that the entrance to La Verona has no signals, therefore it is advisable to ask the locals.

By public transportation, take a bus in the Guanuca Terminal (Matagalpa) with destination La Dalia, El Cuá, El Tuma, El Roblar, Bul Bul, asking the driver to stop at the entrance of La Verona (at a price of C$10 cordobas), and then walk 2 km to the entrance of the farm.

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