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Arboretum Park

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Nindirí (view on map)

Type: Parks



  • Liz Garcia wrote on Jul 2, 2012:

    wow que diferente se mira el alboretum park. Yo vivia en la calle villa Santa Ana muy enfrente del parque y serca esta la estacion de policia, el instituto ulises tapia roa que fue donde estudie y la carretera. Cuanto anhelo regresar a nindiri pues sali de Nicaragua el 17 de Diciembre de 2008 y hasta entonces no he vuelto. Como extrano recorrer ese pequeno parque.

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The Arboretum is a natural area located at the entrance to Nindirí. Surrounded by large trees that provide shade to the playground, benches and food kiosks that are within, the site is visited by families, friends and lovers, who come to enjoy its cool and quiet environment.

The benches are located on roads made of concrete where you can take walks. Each seat is decorated in a different color and is very common to find young students talking after school.

The swings are distributed near the benches, so that parents can watch their children while they are playing. Besides these games, there are a couple of slides where children can use their imagination and distracted themselves from the routine.

In the center of this park there is a kiosk where they sell food and drinks during daylight hours.

To enjoy a more active afternoon, you can go to the bottom of the Arboretum, where there is a basketball court, where you can also play football. This court has wooden and iron boards and possesses lights to play at night. These fields are used by local youths at certain times of day, but most of the time are not being used, so the visitor can take his/her ball and play the sport he/she want.

This place is also perfect for taking pictures of nature or people, as many young people can be seen chatting on benches or you can see parents with their children playing on swings or slides.

The Arboretum was once a small nursery garden, but with the lack of maintenance the trees grew and this space clean, sandy, safe and equipped for the enjoyment of locals and visitors was created.

Getting There

Public Transportation
To reach the area, you must take a bus or van that travels the road between Managua and Masaya. In the capital, these public transportation can be taken at the bus terminal in front of UCA or at the Roberto Huembes Market, and they have a cost of C$10 to Nindirí. You can also take buses in Granada, Masaya or Rivas which go to Managua trough the Masaya highway, you only need to be paying attention to descend at the entrance to Nindirí.

Coming from the Managua-Masaya-Granada road, you must stop at kilometer 26, just at the entrance to the city of Nindirí. From here you can walk through the entrance on your left and continue north about 100 meters, the Arboretum is on the left and is clearly visible from the road.

Private Transportation
The Arboretum of Nindirí is located 100 meters from the entrance to the city. Coming from the Managua-Masaya-Granada road by car, you get to kilometer 26, at the entrance you will see an Esso gas station (now Puma), and 100 mt of it, to the north, you will see the main entrance to the city and the Arboretum behind it.

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