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Central Park of Nindiri

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Nindirí (view on map)

Type: Parks



  • Liz Garcia wrote on Jul 2, 2012:

    Que hermoso se mira el parque central de nindiri, cuando sali de la ciudad de nindiri el 17 de Diciembre de 2008 no se miraba tan bien Como ahora. Anhelo regresar algun dia!

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The Central Park of Nindirí is located in the central square of the city, in front of the Church of Santa Ana, and it is divided into two zones. The first is an area that invites tourists to forget about the routine in a healthy, quiet, enviroment surrounded by an ornate garden where they can perform activities such as reading or walking with their family, the second area has basketball, volleyball and football courts, in which any visitor can join and play with young people who play sports in the afternoon.

The first area is for rest and relaxation. It has all the conditions to enjoy a quiet afternoon. The visitor will have comfortable seats available surrounded by gardens filled with grass, characteristic for its diversity of wildflowers and tall trees that provide shade, such as pines, laurels or palms.

The benches are well distributed around the park, placed on roads wide enough and enlightened to facilitate long walks, biking, skating or running. It is recommended to carry your own skates, skateboards or bicycles as there isn’t a place to rent these equipments.

In the center of the park there is a gazebo, which is a small building with a domed roof and thick columns, also known as "temple of music" as they originally were considered spaces for concerts. Today, they are resting places for visitors, and games for children.

At the corners of this place of rest there are different kiosks with drinks, snacks (chips), crackers or tropical fruits for sale at an affordable price. There are also “caponeras” (or cycle-taxis), typical modes of transportation in the area with which the tourist has the opportunity to meet and interact around with the locals.

Another attraction of this park is a fountain located in front of the church, which is used as a home for turtles. Here you can find about 14 turtles walking slowly under the water, and the children cherishing them from the shore.

Sports and Entertainment Area

The second zone is an area targeted for sports and cultural activities. There are two basketball courts, which have fiberglass boards and are in good condition. In these same fields you can play football, and they have structures where networks are installed to play volleyball available.

It is common to find young students recreating in the park, playing football, basketball or volleyball, enjoying the outdoors every afternoon.

In this area there is also a Band Shell, equipped with lights and a large stage for concerts or cultural development involving the population. Behind this space you may find a small pizzeria called "Pizzeria San Jerónimo", which offers a variety of fast food like hot dogs, instant soups, ham and cheese sandwich, as well as pizzas. Next to the pizzería there are other spaces used as dressing rooms during performances.

It is recommended to bring water, sunscreen and tennis shoes.

Getting There

On a private car you must take the road Managua - Masaya - Granada to reach the entrance of Nindirí (km 26). From there, turn onto the boulevard and go straight three blocks to Central Park.

By public transport you must take a bus Managua - Masaya or Managua - Granada and ask the driver to stop at the Nindirí bus stop, where you must descend. Once there you can walk to the church down the street, boulevard, or take a “caponera” (cycle-taxi) to the park, which may charge between C$5 y C$10.

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