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Los Cabros Cave

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Nindirí (view on map)

Type: Caves



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It is a small cave formed by volcanic rocks located some 50 meters from the shore of the Masaya Lagoon. It is surrounded by trees, and is also known as The Man Cave, because for eight years –possibly- within it lives a man who assures hi name is Jose Maria Samayoa. The site was discovered by fishermen, who visit the area and look for a place to make their camps.

Jose Maria Samayoa lives completely alone. In the cave you can see traces of food and debris. People who know of his existence says he travels to Masaya every day by walking and always returns to the cave, which serves as home. The area is frequently visited by fishermen from nearby villages who come at night to take advantage of the silence of the atmosphere and thus find larger fish.

The site is a completely natural surrounding with lush tropical dry between trees, shrubs and plants. Insects, animals and wild birds transiting or live in the environment, along with the wind and the nearby coast of the lagoon, there is a completely natural environment listened.

The cave is about one meter tall at the entrance, which is shrinking inward. The mouth is crescent shaped and has just over 2 meters wide. The interior is a shallow, maybe about 5 meters. The area has many trees; the ground is covered by leaves and the access is of no complications.

Getting There

The cave is located 3.5 kilometers from the viewpoint Bajadero of Guadalupe, located in the city of Nindirí near Managua-Masaya Highway. You get to the “Bajadero” 27 kilometers of the road, entering through the streets of neighborhoods up to the Cross of Miracles, which gives access to the viewpoint. From there, go down to the dirt road that leads toward the lagoon. You must follow that road for 3.5 kilometers, heading to Venice Beach (lagoon shore well known). From the road you reach a path leading to the lagoon, and passing through the cave. It is not really easy to get on your own, so it would be advisable to contact the Mayor's office of Nindirí and request a tour guide.

You can go by car or motorbike. First you must reach to the Cross of Miracles, and from there take a dirt road that descends eastward to the road leading into the lagoon and on to Venice.

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