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Los Chilamates Cave

Department: Masaya

Municipality: Masatepe (view on map)

Type: Caves



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Formed by volcanic rock, this small and friendly cave is just 15 meters from the Lagoon of Masaya, and is surrounded by the nature of the local dry tropical forest. It is used irregularly by fishermen from nearby villages who take it as a place of shelter and rest. During Holy Week and other holiday periods, it is common to find local tourists who come to spend the summer and use it to group their belongings and stay a while "under roof", while enjoying the waters of the lagoon.
In any case, if you choose the pleasure of a walking tour of the Masaya Volcano environment and the lagoon - on park grounds “Piedra Quemada” (Burnt Stone) linking both sites-, the cave will be an interesting point to relax and appreciate the surrounding nature .

It's shaped like a funnel half horizontally disposed: the mouth is wide and high, and decreases in width and height inside. The interior space is really small and circular. The entrance is as of about 4 meters wide and 2.2 meters high, then these dimensions are decreasing until the roof meets the ground, after just a couple of feet deep.

The site ensures full contact with the nature of the area. On the rock of the cave and around it there are various indigenous trees, including those seen as “Chilamates de playa”, a great “Guanacaste” opposite the entrance, “Cedros” everywhere, “Ceibos”, “Jiñocuabos” in addition to shrubs and flowering plants. You hear the birds singing, and there are different bugs. Also, from the cave there is a beautiful view of the lagoon shore.

It takes just a few steps to get to the water. The vegetation, wildlife and wind provide a natural charm that contrasts with the view over the towers of the baseball stadium and the roofs of buildings in the nearby city of Masaya, located at the other end of the lagoon, on some cliffs seen in the distance. The lagoon holds the rank of "contaminated" by the city sewage deposited in it for decades, however, this area away, the local people still fish and bathe in its waters.

Opposite the cave, trails are observed, which are used by fishermen to move from one point to another on the banks of the lagoon. If we follow the opposite path south for about 1 kilometer, you reach the masatepina’s beach of Venice (of the lagoon), well known in the area.

Getting There

There are two ways to reach the cave, one is from Nindirí, with access from the Masaya-Managua road, the other is from the center of the city of Masatepe.

Masatepe: by public transport, take a taxi or moto-taxi from the city, and request that they bring you to the Lagoon of Masaya. For reference, indicate that the point of interest is after Venice Beach.

Private transport, you must reach the city's central park. From there, take the street in front of the Church, and continue northward until reaching a plateau, where the Church of Veracruz is located. The road turns to the church on the right, and then continues south towards the lagoon. There are several miles of winding road. Upon reaching the lagoon, in Venice Beach, you must follow the road for about 3 minutes, and find the path leading to the waters of the lagoon and the cave.

Nindirí: public transport, you should just take a taxi or motorcycle taxi and ask to be carried to Venice Beach by the park “Piedra Quemada” along the coast of the Lagoon of Masaya. It is also possible to make the journey on foot or by bicycle, but we only recommend this adventure for those with good physical condition and with the intention of spending hours scouring the dry tropics.

By public transport, follow the Carretera Masaya-Managua and about the kilometer 26 locate the entrance to the municipal cemetery (there are labels). You should take the opposite street, to the south. Follow the road to the Miracles Cross (a concrete green cross). From there, take a dirt road to the west and follow it as it turns down and get to the park “Piedra Quemada” (ground floor wild volcanic rock surrounding the Masaya Volcano). Once on level ground, you must follow the road to the Lagoon of Masaya (East). We recommend a tall car, although now you can travel in low cars. You must follow this road for 6 kilometers, and then search for an entry into the lagoon. We recommend looking for a tour guide through the Mayor's office of Nindirí.

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