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Colorado Beach

Department: Rivas

Municipality: Tola (view on map)

Type: Beaches

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It is one of the few beaches in the Pacific of Nicaragua which arena is white. The water is colored and its waves are excellent for surfing. It is visited by sufers from around the world, and there was celebrated the Master Nicaragua 2012 World Surf Tournament.

In front of the sea there is a private property, which makes difficult the free access to the public, however, in the southern part of the beach is an estuary with agreable waters. You can camp on the other side of the stream without any problem. The waves can have a height of 3 feet (0.9 meters) to 5 feet (1.52 meters). It is located in Tola,

Getting There

To get to Colorado Beach from the North (Managua, Granada, Masaya, etc.) in private transportation, you can do in two ways. The first one is to take the South Panamerican Highway and reach the Ochomogo River bridge, then you must turn right and take the road to the Salinas of Nagualapa, once there, signs will guide you. Another way, always coming from the North, is taking the South Panamerican Highway, addressing Rivas, and three kilometers before reaching the city, take a detour to Tola. Once in Tola you must continue until the signs of the “Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo -INTUR-” (Nicaraguan Tourism Board) that indicate the way to the beach, go straight until you reach the Iguana Livestock.

If you want to travel by public transportation you can take a bus from Managua on the market C$60. If traveling from Jinotepe, you must take the bus at the stop in Santiago. The key will be to reach the bus terminal in Rivas. Once in the city bus terminal, you must take a bus to take you to Tola, this leave from the municipal market. At Tola you can take a taxi, which generally tend to charge C$20 per person to the Hacienda Iguana.

Another way can be taking the buses that go from the market of Rivas to the Salinas de Nagualapa, and ask to be drop at Hacienda Iguana. You can also travel by boat, leaving from the Bay of San Juan del Sur, we do not know the prices exactly, but you can get them in the place with the owners of the boats.