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Media/Library CCEN

Department: Managua

Municipality: Managua (view on map)

Type: Libraries

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday
9 AM - 12 PM
2 PM - 6 PM



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In addition to dispose to the public its printed literature and specialized topics, the Media/Library also offers videos, music and computers for internet use. Furthermore, there are activities organized in the local such as cycles of readings and conversations. It is located within the premises of the Spainish Cultural Center in Nicaragua, of which it’s a part. Its services are free and open to the public. For home loans, it’s just enough with becoming an active partner through a simple and individual management.

It operates under the system of "open shelf" through which visitors can take books and magazines on their own. In addition to the examples on display, the library has on file a number of other material that can be placed through the librarian or consulting its online catalog (website in Spanish).

The small and comfortable library space is air conditioned and offers 12 slots for reading, and 3 slots with computers to query the Internet. During the events organized, the space is redistributed to make room for visitors, thanks to the handy shelves. It opens from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to noon and after a lunch break, from 2 PM to 6 PM.

This library has a collection of 10,000 works in various formats: books, magazines and audiovisual archives. The interesting selection of magazines includes historic titles already out of circulation and other new signing; these are Latin American, mostly Spanish. Here you can find publications and materials on various topics:

  • Hispanic literature
  • Art education (music, art, photography, visual, performing arts, architecture)
  • Social Science
  • Cultural management
  • Communication and New Technologies
  • Heritage and cultural tourism

Among the services of interest that the library offers is its News shelf, where each week new acquisitions are exhibited and recommend. There is also its electronic and free recommendations newsletter, which usually follows a theme of interest that alternates every so often. And, as mentioned above, the space is also provided for organized events, the library is open to proposals and initiatives to develop these events, which seek to encourage reading and self-education.

How to join? Any person may obtain a free membership of the Library/Gallery of CCEM. You must only meet these requirements: report to the library to fill out a registration slip, a photocopy of an identity card such as ID or passport (kids can join, but registration should be made by any person in charge of him/her) present a photocopy of a bill for basic services that can demonstrate a current address.

Getting There

The CCEN is located just 7 blocks east from the first inning of residential Las Colinas, located at kilometer 8 of the well-known Carretera a Masaya (road to Masaya). On your own car, take the highway to Masaya and locate the entry, just recognizable because there are two large gas stations (petrol stations). Go into the street to the east and follow for 7 blocks (sometimes there are curves) until getting to the CCEN. For ease of reference, consult the map available above by clicking the globe icon.

By Public Transportation from Managua, you can take a taxi from anywhere indicating the direction of CCEN. In buses, one way is by taking any bus intercity connection passing through the highway to Masaya (bound, for example, Masaya, Granada, Rivas) and get down in the first inning of Las Colinas, and then walk the remaining 7 blocks. These buses leave the terminus of the UCA, Huembes Market and Orietnal Market. If you want to avoid the walk, one option is to get off at kilometer 8.5 (opposite a small shopping center at the entrance to Santo Domingo) and then take a motorcycle taxi (caponera) to the CCEN.

If you are coming from outside Managua, any bus to the city and that drives along the Masaya-Managua road will pass exactly opposite the first entrance to Las Colinas, you must only ask the driver to stop there.

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