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Carbonero Rosales Artisanal Workshop

Department: Rio San Juan

Municipality: San Carlos (view on map)

Type: Artisans

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday
8 AM - 6 PM



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This is a space for creation of the very picturesque and famous handicrafts of Solentiname in balsa wood. In the workshop Carbonero Rosales is possible to appreciate the finished pieces on a small table of gallery where you can see the creative variety of artisans from the house, who happen to be members of the family formed by Esperanza Rosales and Luis Carbonero. The visitors also can participate of the creation through the “craftsman for a day” iniciative.

The workshop is located in the House of the family room, and the small gallery is in the adjoining Hostal Sueño Feliz, which is also administered by the family. The location of these sites is the small village of El Refugio, in the Island Macarron of the archipelago of Solentiname.

The pieces can be as small as two inches, and as large as a meter and a half. There are utility format: keychains, key holder, napkin rings, mirrors. And also decorative: statues, hanging, mobiles. There are lots of art in the work of the people of this workshop, both at the finished of the wood designs and colorful use of paint. Each piece can be purchased and prices vary between US$1.50 and US$70

Vistors can talk with the artisans about the process of creating theirs works. Also the inicitaive “craftsman for a day” involves the practice of tourists in the creation of handicrafts, from shape the wood up to paint the final piece, with the accompaniment of the craftman and the use of their instruments. This iniciative develops the community of artisans from the island, and are divided the days of reception of visitors, so not always performed in this workshop. But from here you can request the experience. Also, Luis Carbonero is local guide and can be arranged through the visites to the attractions of the area, through walks or boat tours.

Getting There

It is very easy to get to the workshop. From the municipal dock, main point of entry to the Macarron Island, take the path on the left (towards the south), and walk for about 300 meters. There you will see the label of the Hostal and the sign that announces the crafts, You only ask for handicrafts and establish communication with them.

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