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Brakira Balneario

Department: RAAN

Municipality: Puerto Cabezas (view on map)

Type: Rivers



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Brakira is one of the largest tourist attractions of the Tuapi Community. This is the place where visitors have the opportunity to commune with nature and appreciate some of the villagers. It is the perfect place to unwind surrounded by Caribbean pines, calm river waters and good seafood.

The balneario is located 15 kilometers from the city of Bilwi. The easiest way to get there is by land either taking a bus or a collective taxi from Bilwi to the resort. Travel time varies depending on the chosen transportation; however, the average time to get there is half an hour. Note that the all-weather road is in good condition during the summer.

While you travel there, you can observe the characteristic landscape of the area. The roads are red because of the clayish soil and throughout the journey; you can observe tall green pine used to the tropical climate of the area. After having traveled a long trail, you can appreciate from afar, the turquoise blue of the Caribbean Sea. A few minutes afterwards, there is an intersection that divides the roads of Brakira and the Community of Krukira.

At the entrance to the balneario, there are towering pines that provide shade and two rustic houses made of wood. One of these houses is the communal kitchen and the other one is the kitchen where the ethnic dishes of the zone like: el rondón, rice and beans (gallopinto with coconut), fried fish and shrimp in red sauce are prepared. The customer will feel welcomed from the very beginning by the villagers who provide the best service possible.

Both houses have a covered terrace with chairs so that the visitor can rest peacefully opposite the beautiful natural gardens covered with pines. They also have large windows that keep you cool. One important thing to take into consideration is that there is no electricity in the area.

A few meters from the communal kitchen, you find the resort which is a part of Rio Tuapi used only for bathing. Nowadays, around the balneario, there is no tourist infrastructure but you will find natural seating areas like tree roots or dry tree logs where the tourist can enjoy a peaceful afternoon surrounded by nature. You can also enjoy activities like swimming, canoe rides, bird watching, photography and sharing with the local people.


  • Before the visit, contact a local guide, tour operator or INTUR representative who has direct contact with the community because it is important to let the village leaders about the arrival of visitors.
  • Wear sunscreen, water, hat, comfortable clothing, repellent, medicines, special shoes for hiking, spotlights.

Getting There

The easiest way to reach the balneario is by land. If you find yourself in the city of Bilwi, you can go to La Libertad and ask for the INSS main street. There, you will find a corner called Burnel Hall. This is where you can catch the bus to Tuapi.

Traveling by public transportation to the community of Tuapi is priced at C$30. On the way to the community you can talk to the bus driver to drop you at the entrance to the resort. You can not return the same day if you travel by bus, you must spend the night in the community and expect take the bus towards Bilwi leaving at 6:30 am the next morning. This trip Tuapi-Bilwi is priced at C$60.

The ride on the bus takes about an hour and has an established Schedule every day. The Check Out from Tuapi community to Burnel Hall is at 6:30 am and the return to Bilwi is between noon and 2:00 pm.

If you prefer a more comfortable way of transportation you may pay for the Bilwi Taxi service. The prices for this trip to Tuapi oscillate between C$250 and C$300. If you need that the taxi waits for you for your remaining time in the resort or the community, you must pay C$100 or C$150 per hour (It is recommended to always bargain this detail beforehand with the taxi driver).

Another option for traveling to the area is using your own vehicle. We recommend that you inform your tour operator of this at least 48 hours prior to your trip or call the INTUR representative that has a direct contact with the community chiefs and have knowledge of the area, due to the fact that once on your journey there, you won’t find any road signals that indicate if you are on the right track.