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Krukira Community

Department: RAAN

Municipality: Puerto Cabezas (view on map)

Type: Rural Community



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Krukira is a Miskito Indian fishing community bordered by extensive mangrove lagoon, which empties into the Caribbean Sea, the earth is red and has scattered pines. It is characterized by the warmth of its people, the history of their ancestors and their rooted Miskito culture. It also offers the opportunity to learn and experience the lifestyle of the people through its Rural Community Tourism program and enjoy the natural attractions that they have.

This community is located 36 kilometers from Bilwi and only 15 kilometers from Tuapi. The route is the same it takes to visit the Brakira Resort. Along the way, you pass by a wooden bridge, very rustic, that does not stand too much weight, so if you travel by bus have to get down and wait for it to cross to the other side. From the bridge you can see the crossing of the River Tuapi alongside its mangroves.

Continuing the tour, you must make a stop at a service station of road infrastructure which charges a nominal fee of C$10 for light vehicles and C$20 for heavy transportation. Subsequently, the trip will let you appreciate the reddish clay soil accompanied by pines of various sizes and shades of green of the Caribbean species. You will have the opportunity to go through an area where the first Miskito King lived. According to the story told by the locals, the king's spirit guards the lands and treasures from it from any harm.

At the entrance of the community you can observe the characteristic Miskito houses and Caribbean coastal areas, known as Tambo houses. These are high off the ground with wooden poles that allow residents to hang hammocks under their houses in order to enjoy the shade and pleasant climate while resting. On the other hand, most of the houses are located near the shore of the lagoon which stands out because of all the boats that are parked in the sand. 

Krukira community is simple but has everything you need to keep a customer satisfied. Right in the center of the community, the health center is located which operates 24 hours, and has a security center. Also, through AMICA (Association of Indigenous Women of the Atlantic Coast) and Rural Community Tourism project, lodging and food service in selected homes in the community is offered to customers. Recreational activities like fishing in canoe, swimming in the Krukali Lagoon, sharing with the community their customs (stories, legends, and gastronomy), flora and fauna watching, relaxing evenings bathing in coconut water and walks toward the Malvinas Keys are also offered. Accommodation prices per night range from C$100 to C$150.

Like other communities in the Caribbean region, in Kurakira, an ancestral organizational structure considered a form of indigenous government exists. This organization raises regulations that must be adhered to by each of the residents. For this reason, it is important to contact a local tour operator or INTUR representative that has a direct communication with the community, to brief them on your visit. Note that every visitor, like the people must obey their rules.


  • Contact a local guide, tour operator or an INTUR representative that has knowledge of the area for a better experience and the approval to visit the community.
  • Wear sunscreen, water, insect repellent, light bulbs because there is no electricity in the area, toilet paper, medicines, comfortable clothing that will protect you from sun exposure.

Getting There

The easiest way to reach the community is by land. If you are in the city of Bilwi, please contact the ‘La Libertad’ neighborhood and go to the main street of the INSS to a corner called Burnel Hall. It is in this area you will find the bus that will take you to the community.

Traveling by public transport to get to the community of Krukira is priced at C$35 and it lasts approximately 2 hours. It also has a set schedule and with daily departs. Check Out from to Bilwi is at 5:00 am and the return trip back from the city to the community is at 11:30 am from the corner of Burnel Hall. It is also possible to order a taxi service to take you to the community.

Another option for traveling to the area is using your own vehicle. We recommend that you inform your tour operator of this at least 48 hours prior to your trip or call the INTUR representative that has a direct contact with the community chiefs and have knowledge of the area, due to the fact that once on your journey there, you won’t find any road signals that indicate if you are on the right track.