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Wouhnta Lagoon

Department: RAAN

Municipality: Puerto Cabezas (view on map)

Type: Lagoons



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The Wouhnta Lagoon, also know as the Houlover Lagoon in the area, is located in Puerto Cabezas municipality's south littoral. The Haulover Community and the Wouhnta Comunity are in its shore. Is considered as another important natural attraction in the area. This freshwater space is bordered by dense mangroves and grassy coastal area has high coconut sticks that protect from the sun.

You can travel between Haulover- Bilwi through this lagoon and some creeks. This travel way is more comfortable and safer, because you skip the swell which catches the boat side-on like in open sea. It is also a pleasant trip where visitors have a closer view of the mangrove formations, and local fishermen in their cayucos (artisanal canoe) fishing shrimp and lobsters.

Once you go through the lagoon, the Intracoastal Canal begins which is the area where the Wawa River and Laguna Karata join and is characterized by a predominantly mangrove forest.

Besides being a strategic location for bird watching, once in Wountha Lagoon, you can perform various activities such as fishing with the villagers, boating, water sports and swimming in the lagoon.

It is advisable to contact a local tour operator or a representative of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism that has direct communication with the community to report on your visit because this must be also authorized. Also, you need to wear sunscreen, take water, insect repellent, medicines, toilet paper, comfortable and sun protective clothing.

Getting There

If you are in the city of Bilwi and are interested in traveling to the lagoon and the Haulover Community, should go to the port of "Guili Landi", which means "water dolphin" in Miskito. The cost is C$250 towards the community. You can also reach the port by taxi. The cost of the trip is between C$50 and C$100.