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Biking on Ometepe Island

Department: Rivas

Municipality: Altagracia


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  • Khenu Aaperti wrote on Jan 21, 2016:

    Ometepe was exciting but surprisingly still as hot as the mainland. As a previous visitor stated, a mountain bike is a must, but not one of those cheap ones. I recommend a very lightweight alloy so that you can take the hills with ease. It's a fun way to get around the island on and off road.

  • vijay kumar wrote on Nov 6, 2015:

    I visited ometepe in May 20014.Very beautifull island with very nice people.I travelled by Bus with my girlfriend who is from Los Angeles village.I also swim in the lake and it has sweet water.Its a paradise.I am looking forward for another visit as I love the peoples culture and hospitality.God bless the people of Nikaragua.

  • Kristin Van Cauteren wrote on Nov 27, 2006:

    Biking on Ometepe asks lots of your fysics because of the heat and the humidity.And Ometepe isn't flat at all!The most intersting part to bike is the way to Playa Domingo because you see the rural life:annimals on the road,playing kids, whomen washing their clots in te rivers...Really beautiful.For this part you'll need a mountain bike (rood conditions!)Don't miss this section.Even busses cross this road.

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For bikers Ometepe offers great possibilities. The recently repaved road between Moyogalpa and Altagracia is the route most frequently biked.

There are not many cars but instead you will encounter many other (mostly local) cyclists. The distance between the two cities is about 24 kilometers. You will pass by small villages, banana plantations and some spectacular viewpoints.

Ometepe has very fertile soil and lush, tropical vegetation often grows right next to the road. During this trip, you will have a nice view of both the Concepción and Maderas Volcano.

The road levels up and down as it curves its way from Moyogalpa to Altagracia. One moment you will find yourself struggling to get to the top of some hill, the next moment you will race downhill without any effort.

Given the altitude changes and the Nicaraguan temperatures, cycling from Moyogalpa to Altagracia and back can be tough. When you finally arrive and streams of sweat run down you reddened face, nothing beats a cold, refreshing beverage and a comfortable seat.

It will take around one and a half hour to get from Moyogalpa to Altagracia. The return trip takes around the same amount of time. There are also other routes you can travel. Biking around the Concepción Volcano is possible, for instance, but will take more time and effort as you will hit some dirt road after Altagracia. You can also bike to Playa Santo Domingo, but this requires even more energy due to the poor road conditions. It is obviously also possible to stay closer to Moyogalpa. Whatever your aspiration and skills, biking around on Ometepe is one of the most adventurous ways of exploring this unique island!