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The Bluff Lighthouse

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Bluefields (view on map)

Type: Viewpoints



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In the port city of El Bluff, right on a grassy hill just off the coast, is the lighthouse. This point, for being the highest point of the island, is consider the best place to observe the community of El Bluff and how the Bluefield Lagoon is naturally divided from the Caribbean Sea by a thin strip of sand. Also, visitors can have one of the best views along with a cool climate in a sparsely populated area.

The lighthouse is located 10 minutes from the dock. While walking up to this lookout, you can see the ruins of the factories that existed during the '80s, the residents enjoying the climate in the courtyard of their homes and children playing outside. Once at the site, you must ask permission to go inside. Note that visit the lighthouse has no cost.

To go to the lighthouse you need to take an inclined dirt road that takes about 5 minutes maximum to walk. At the site, the ground is covered with green grass and you can observe the stone mounds that were used to build a pedestrian bridge that links the community with the coast. Also, you will see the strong blue Caribbean Sea, in contrast to the light brown sand and the Bluefields lagoon with its islets. It is important to mention that the lighthouse is small and easy to scale.

We recommend you to visit the lighthouse with a local.

Getting There

The Bluff is located 3 kilometers away from the city of Bluefields. To get to the small island you should rent a panga from the dock that is located inside the municipal market. The fare is C$38 per person.

Once you arrive to the dock of El Bluff, ask people if they can provide key information on how to get to the lighthouse.