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El Padre Island

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Bluefields (view on map)

Type: Cays and islands



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El Padre Island is located only 5 minutes away from the community Rama Cay, it’s a space covered by tropical rain forest in the middle of Laguna de Bluefields. This is also an area with ​​environmental significance for the resources it has, this small island is a good choice for relaxing by just listening to the sounds of nature.

The name of the island comes from a Rama legend, which states that this is the place where the first moravian and german missionaries arrived. The missionaries were interest in interacting with the people from Rama, however, they had to remain on the island and create a plan to keep the relationship with the community since they were very shy.

Nowadays, people from Rama visit the island for recreation and tourism activities offered as part of their rural community tourism project. Some of the activities include swimming off the coast of the island, hike through the forest, wildlife observation, photography and boating. The prices might vary according to the activity performed.

On the other hand, on Padre Island you can find a small freshwater spring. The origin of the water is still unknown, which enables the development of various kinds researches, both by universities and researchers.

To reach the island, it is important to contact the promoter responsible of rural tourism in Rama Cay community, because it is necessary to get permission from the council of elders of the community to visit the area and avoid disappointment.

Getting There

In Bluefields you can contact directly Atlantic Tours for the trip to Rama Cay or contact a tour guide of the community, as there is no public transportation to the Island.