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Rama Cay Community

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Bluefields (view on map)

Type: Rural Community




  • frederick ellis wrote on Mar 25, 2015:

    Yes, 11 years ago I found Rama Cay from Bluefields and met my wife, who is a Mcrea like many of the people there. In those years we brought her 3 children to Colorado and Nevada. I believeshe is one of the few, if not only Rama's in the USA. The kids adapted well speaking American English in a few months.....2 are in high school and one will go to high school soon. I yearn to return to live in Nicaraguan Granada or Corn Island as I am a Sandinista while my wife is still a Contra even after all my talking...really.

    Maybe our daughter will return a go to Cuba from Nicaragua to be a doctor. Time will tell.


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Rama Cay is an ancient community that has 500 years of existence in the South Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua. Like most existing populations in the Caribbean Area of the country, Rama Cay is surrounded by water and the interior has high coconut sticks and diversity of trees that provide shade to the homes of drums, which are elevated from the ground by wooden logs. If you are a person who enjoys learning about history, different lifestyles and culture in a natural setting, this small island is your best option.

Rama Cay is located 15 kilometers away from Bluefields. At the moment, there are 900 people living on the island and most of them are children. If you want to go to Rama Cay, we recommend hiring a private panga service because there is no public transportation to the area. It is important to know that Rama Cay has an organizational structure or ancestral form of government that is ruled by a council of elders, whom you must ask permission to enter the community. If you are interested in visiting the island you can contact Atlantic Tours, who have direct contact with the Rama residents.

During the 20 minutes trip from the Bluefield’s pier to the island, you might see a variety of private islands fringed by trees and El Venado island, which divides the Bluefields lagoon with the sea. After a few minutes of feeling the breeze of fresh water over your face, you will see a small land mass adorned with wooden houses, fruit trees and a small crowd of people including children, women and youth who will be watching you from afar.

While you arrive to Rama Cay, you will be welcomed by the people who are known for their warmth and hospitality. You will have the opportunity to explore every corner of this small island for the platforms that cross through the simple wooden houses where you can see the children playing with the animals, or between them. Also, you will live the experience of knowing and contemplating a quiet lifestyle in addition to little routine. Notably, the walk around the island takes about 10 minutes.

While doing the tour of the community you can see two points of tourist interest. First is the Moravian church, which was built in 1856 and represents the influence of English culture in the area. Then, "La Punta de la Despedida", which is a rock located at one end of the island where it becomes a little ritual when a member of the community dies. Family members give final farewell to the deceased in this stone and then move it to the cemetery branch that is 10 minutes away by boat. This site is considered a sacred place.

In Rama Cay community rural tourism is offered for those who are interested in finding out more about this ancient culture. Visitors can spend a night in a private house which offers food and ecotourism activities at a low price ($ 10 for food and lodging). Some of the activities include: visit to nearby islets by canoe or visit the Padre Island. Prices for activities range between $ 7 and $ 8, depending on the distance. Furthermore, it is important to emphasize that in the area there is a health center and electricity used only for 8 hours, from 2:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Today the community has two bilingual schools, a cultural group formed by young people who promote the ancient culture and a project that is to promote their native tongue: rama. The project is developed in conjunction with the Centre for Revitalization of the Rama Language (CRLR).

Getting There

In Bluefields you can contact directly Atlantic Tours for the trip to Rama Cay or contact the tour guide of the community.