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Brig Bay Beach

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Corn Island (view on map)

Type: Beaches

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Brig Bay Beach is the beach where all fishing, cargo and passenger vessels arrive. Corn Island Pier is located in this site and its main feature is that it has trails for walking up the Beach's North End or toward Waula Point.

Brig Bay is best known for being a commercial area, in which hotels, restaurants, bars and shops are found. Also, it is a fairly accessible area since is located opposite to the main road of the island. In this beach there are good cellular signal, Movistar and Claro.

The beach is not commonly used to bath in its central zone because it is the space where the boats are kept and there is no resting coast allowing to stay in place. However, while you walk in the hidden trails of the area, you will find somewhere to relax.

Although the pier occupies a good part of the beach, as well as some restaurants, Brig Bay still maintains the green turquoise water, which is so crystal clear that you will be able to see the bottom.

Getting There

Brig Bay Beach is the beach where will arrive if you travel by boat. To get from Bluefields to Corn Island, you must purchase the ticket to make the journey on Wednesdays at 9:00 AM. The cost of the ticket is C$250.

If you are located in any part of the island, you can pay for taxi service. The taxi service fee is C$15. On the other hand, each hour a bus known as "flash" goes around the entire island. The price for the bus service is C$5.