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The Soul of the World Monument

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Corn Island (view on map)

Type: Monument



  • Gigi wrote on Apr 13, 2018:

    I was at the pyramid on Big Corn Island yesterday. I don't know when the picture on your website was taken but it doesn't look like what I saw yesterday, April 12, 2018.

  • margo wrote on Aug 15, 2016:

    Thank you for interesting information! I Want to go there! :)
    You wright in your article that there is 8 cardinal points connecting the globe and this is one of them. Could you please inform me the places of the other seven? I would be very happy if you could help me with that information.
    Best Regards Margo from Sweden

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The Monument The Soul of the World represents an astrological discovery at the global level. Its name was conceived after identifying that this site is one of the eight cardinal points connecting the globe. This is one of the best known as well as representative of Corn Island, which every tourist should visit. In addition, is a recommended place to forget about the routine, the fatigue and the stress, because it is away from the city center.

The sculpture in the pyramid shape, considered as a tribute to the Goddess of the Earth Mother, is located in the center of the playground La Loma, in the Quinn Hill neighborhood. The site is little frequented so you will have the chance to photograph the monument in its entire splendor.

The park is simple; inside it has a basketball court and is surrounded by cement benches. Behind the court is a small wall that borders the whole space where it is built the monument. Within this area there are three tiled paths that go up to the pyramid, which are surrounded by grass, playground and benches.

Another aspect that the visitors can enjoy the view of the entire Corn Island City while cruising along the path of Quinn's Hill to come towards the park. In this tour you will see the villagers out of their homes resting under the shade, or walking around the neighborhood. Also you can feel the peace during the journey towards the monument because the road is bordered by tall fruit trees where cross birds and shrubs covered with flowers.

For this trip we recommend being accompanied by some settler of the area and make the visit in the morning.

Getting There

The Monument The Soul of the World is located in the Quinn Hill neighborhood. To get in there, you can pay the taxi service for C$15 and ask to transfer until this point. It is also possible to come on feet. We recommend you not make this trip without a settler of the area.