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Long Bay Beach

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Corn Island (view on map)

Type: Beaches

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Long Bay Beach is located next to North End Beach, however is less visited. For this reason it becomes the perfect place for tourists who prefer more private moments to swim in the crystal clear water or relax on the white sand.

This beach is adjacent to the main road from the South-East area. In order to reach the coast, you must enter through a dirt road that is just facing the sea. In the sand you can place your belongings and enjoy the breeze of salt water.

The waves of Long Bay are stronger than the other beaches and is a little more rocky, so is recommended to walk more cautiously into the water. It should be noted that near this beach bars and hotels are also located.

Getting There

Long Bay Beach is located 10 minutes from the main Pier and less than 7 minutes from the runway by taxi. From any point of the island you can pay the taxi service. The taxi fee is C$20. On the other hand, each hour a bus known as "flash" goes around the entire island. The price for the bus service is C$5.