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Marshall Point Balneario

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Laguna de Perlas (view on map)




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Marshall Point is a community surrounded by a wide lagoon that allows preform diverse activities such as: swim or fish. Just in front of the lasts houses of this little town, which are hostals, is located a space used by locals and tourists as a balneario.

The Marshall Point Balneario has enough coast so the tourist can rest. Also, you can find a few shacks with seats where you can stay all the time wanted. If you prefer to stay the rest of the day in this place, we recommend to carry your own food and beverages.

If you are interested in do other activities that integrate a major communication with the culture and customs of the locality, you can contact with any person of the area and go fishing with them. It should be noted that the people here are very friendly and are always willing to help you or give you all the information needed.

Getting There

To get to Marshall Point from Orinoco you should go directly where the community ends, towards the Orinoco Creek River. From this point the road is paved. You just have to go always straight. The journey lasts 35 minutes.