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CIDCA Historical Cultural Museum

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Bluefields (view on map)

Type: Museums

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM



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CIDCA Historical Cultural Museum of the Caribbean Coast BICU – CIDCA is recognized as the space that promotes, conserves and emphasize the cultural and historical researches about the Nicaraguan Caribbean Region in the city of Bluefields since 1982. This place is located near the municipal market and still conserves its typical English infrastructure. If you are interested to know more about the lifestyle of the indigenous people who inhabit the Caribbean zone of the country, this site is your best choice.

This museum is an antique two floor house. Right at the principal entrance, covers of the WANI magazine are shown. This magazine was created by BICU (Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University) and publishes scientific, political, social, economical, linguistic and demographic content. While walking through a wide hall, murals with drawings and photographs are exposed. These represent the respect for the different Caribbean ethnic groups.

Before reaching the end of the hall, a room packed with different documents is established. Here, the historical documentation or CEDOC (Historical documents of indigenous and afrodescendent people from the Caribbean Coast), such as the anthropological, social, historical studies and books about various ethnic groups in the region, is preserved.

On the first floor are also located study tables for young people or researchers. In this part, the area has large windows that overlook the lagoon of Bluefields, which allows visitants to enjoy nature while working. Next to the living room begins a long wooden staircase representative of the English infrastructure that will take you directly to a room filled with objects of indigenous and afrodescendent people in the Caribbean coast, archeology of Rama territory, Kukra Hill and Corn Island, photographs of historical characters as well as historical houses in Bluefields, historical maps, list of newspapers and newspapers that used to circulate in Bluefields.

On the second floor is found the administrative area and a scanner where users can copy documents. A short term project is being developed to include computers for public use.

The Historical Cultural Museum, besides providing relevant information about Caribbean indigenous, preforms various researches with UNESCO's support. In a short time they have already developed cultural revitalization research of ethnic groups in the Atlantic Region, as well as preservation and restoration of historical documents. In addition, villagers had the opportunity to perform some investigations proposed by BICU with support of professionals. Through these actions, the inhabitants learned about the importance of their culture and promote respect of the same.

Currently, the museum has foreign visits involved with primary and secondary education. They donate or give books to benefit local young people. Any visitor can donate, lend or give away books. If is the case, you will receive an official receipt. At the same time, campaigns are carried out by radio to donate historical and valuable objects that are not used.

The museum is open from Monday to Friday, however on Saturdays is only available if the visitor notify in advance. Local entrance fee: C$20, Foreigners entrance fee: US$2 and children are free.

Getting There

The CIDCA Historical Cultural Museum is located a few minutes away form the municipal market of Bluefields, in the Punta Fría neighbourhood.

Arriving to the port located in the market, you must walk through a internal shortcut that will take you to the Punta Fría neighborhood in 5 minutes and will be a half-block from the museum.

If you are in the most central area of Bluefields, you can ask the people how to get there or take a taxi for C$12.