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Orinoco Community

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Laguna de Perlas (view on map)

Type: Rural Community



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The Orinoco Community is a mix of nature, culture and history; all in one place far away from noise and everyday life. This small site located in Pearl Lagoon is considered the capital of many Garifuna communities in the Caribbean region of Nicaragua. For this reason, tourists can meet and keep direct contact with customs and inhabitants lifestyle.

Orinoco can be traveled in less than an hour. The area does not have roads so you won't be able to see any automobile, however, it has wide sidewalks surrounded by grass where locals go biking or walk. While walking through the sidewalks you can see people sit outside their homes talking or children playing in a large field that has a Fruta de Pan (bread fruit) tree, typical of the area.

On this town, the majority of houses have plantings at the backyard. This method is used by the inhabitants to self-sustain. Some of the plantations are tuber, vegetables and bananas. As well, people obtain complementary incomes through artisanal fishing.

Even though this community is distant from developed areas, Orinoco holds all the necessary conditions so people can obtain a solid life quality. Nowadays, the entire locality receives drinking water and electric energy from 10 AM to midnight. Likewise, a police station and a health center have been established in the area.

This place also offers some lodging options with good conditions such as Hostal Garifuna, located a few minutes away from the communal dock. As well, you can find many other small accommodations in the area.

Furthermore, the language on this community is not a barrier. Locals speak Creole English, Spanish and Garifuna. It should be noted that Garifuna is the outstanding culture in Orinoco and it is so important that was declared as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. In addition, the community has a local government that works along with the council of elders and a local judge.

Orinoco also owns wide wastelands which will be used to develop a sustainable tourism infrastructure. Nowadays, a culture center is under construction and is being used as a shelter.

Getting There

At the Bluefields port you can catch a boat at 5:30 AM that will take you directly to Orinoco. The trip takes five hours and it has a cost of C$250 per person.

Bluefields-Pearl Lagoon-Orinoco
At the Bluefields port you can catch a boat to Pearl Lagoon at 9 AM, 12 PM and 4PM. The trip takes 45 minutes and it has a cost of C$150 per person. Usually, trips to Orinoco from Pearl Lagoon are not offered daily. We recommend you to research the exact departure times and prices at Bluefields if you prefer this traveling option.