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Mombacho Volcano

Department: Granada

Municipality: Granada (view on map)

Type: Volcanoes

1,345 meter
Volcano Type



  • Wade wrote on Feb 18, 2023:

    This information is incorrect, the truck does not cost $2. It cost $15 for the return truck and entry to the crater hike.

  • wrote on Mar 15, 2018:


  • Bernard Sebranek wrote on Aug 8, 2015:

    My first experience hiking Mombacho, was in December of 2005. It was an awesome experience! I have since been there 2 more times, Once being In 2011, and again in 2014. It is amazing the changes that have been made since my first hike 10 years ago. I highly recommend this to anyone visiting the area. The views are fantastic, as well as all the lush and diverse plant life on the volcano. Sadly, I never did see any monkeys on any of the 3 hikes. Maybe the next one! That will actually be August 10th, 2015!

  • Alex Trent wrote on Sep 28, 2013:

    Things on the fabulous volcano are now even more complete. Now there is a modern lodge half way up where you can stay overnight in the forest as you explore the mountain.The restaurant at the lodge serves lunch for non-guests of the lodge and is a nice place to break up a day doing the many things on the volcano. Look for Mombacho Lodge.

  • Jorge Castillo wrote on Jan 6, 2011:

    This past Dec. 2010 I visited with my family the Mombacho volcano. A must for any tourist visiting our country, amazing cloud forest with such a rich biodiversity. Great view of Granada and the lake Cocibolca. Amazing fumarolas (hot vents) and easy and fun trails, great for mature hikers and plenty of adventure for the novice. The ride up the top is fun, the visitors center needs help and more to offer. I wish I had more time to hike all the trails, if you go do at least the Crater trail.

  • Samira wrote on Sep 26, 2007:

    Mombacho was fantastic! There was so much to see. I kept falling over because I was looking up at everything. This is a definated must if you are in Nicaragua!

  • Juan C. Morales wrote on Oct 11, 2006:

    I visited the volcano, I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism in which the park is managed, the staff is very helpful and courteus from the start of the tour to the end. The guides are very knowledgeable. They know the history and all the linguistic aspects of the volcano not to mention all the information about the flora and fauna original to the particular area. I strongly recommend this trip to anyone who travels to Nicaragua, on a clear day the view from the volcano is just breath taking.

  • Gerrit wrote on May 27, 2005:

    I really can recommend a visit to the Mombacho. It is great to get up the volcano and the tracks are beautiful and not that difficult (especially compared to other volcanos) and offer an incredible amount of plants and trees and views. If you need the truck to go up the volcano make sure to check departure times.

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The Mombacho Volcano is one of the most famous volcanoes in Nicaragua due to several factors: its location just 10 km from the Granada city, its access infrastructure and, above all things, the mystical cloud forest that occupies much of its sides and top.

The ride uphill only is an adventure by itself. Whether it’s your own car or the truck you’re using, the incredible steepness of the volcano guarantees a spectacular ride. You will see coffee plantations and later on the cloud forest next to the single lane road. The views are also spectacular from here.

When you arrive at the end of the road (at 1,200 mts) the temperature will probably have dropped significantly and the humidity will be high. It’s always windy, so be sure to bring an extra sweater. After the 20-30 minutes ride you will find a tourist center on the top of the volcano. The Mombacho reserve is well run by the Cocibolca foundation, and offers more to tourists than many other tourist attractions. The tourist center illustrates this. You will find plenty information about the volcano and its flora and fauna. The tourist center houses maps, photos, models, souvenirs, and more interesting material. There is also a cafeteria where you can get a small meal and drinks. You can also find a guide to hike the volcano.

The Mombacho volcano has four craters. All of the craters are covered with cloud forest. This type of forest is only found on one other spot in the Pacific, and that is on the Maderas Volcano in Ometepe. On the Mombacho volcano, you can walk around one of the craters, or hike around several craters. Besides lots of different trees and plants that thrive because of the cloud forests humidity you can also observe howler and white face monkeys, as well as snakes, deer, reptiles, birds, and insects. There are several endemic species living on the Mombacho. The Mombacho salamander is the most extreme endemic species: the little salamander can only be found on the Mombacho volcano!

Prices and opening hours

- Kids walking: US$2
- Adults walking: US$4
- Kids with transportation (truck): US$4
- Adults with transportation (truck): US$8

- Kids walking: US$4
- Adults walking: US$5
- Kids with transportation (truck): US$10
- Adults with transportation (truck): US$20

Ascending the volcano in your own car costs US$22 for the car, and US$3 for each person inside and US$2 for kids (for nationals). For foreigners the cost is US$5 for each person and US$3 per kid.

  • Contribution to the maintenance of the trails:

El Cráter Trail
-Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes. Self-guided.
-Difficulty: medium
-Particularities: great views and opportunities to observe the ecosystem of the Mombacho.

El Tigrillo Trail
-Duration: 2 hous and 30 minutes.
-Difficulty: hard
-Particularities:* difficult route but short. You can enjoy the best scenic spots from the view points. You would need a certified guide.
-Maintenance: Nationals US$2, Foreigners US$4

El Puma Trail
-Duration: 4 hours
-Difficulty: hard
-Maintenance: Nationals US$3, Foreigners US$6
-Particularities: challenging hike definitely worth the effort. You see different types of forest and the views are great. Several platforms give you superb views and make you feel the strong wind on the volcano.

You can not enter the Puma trail without a guide. You can do El Cráter trail with or without a guide if you are part of a group of less tan 20 people; but you will need a guide if part of a group of 20 people or more. The guides tell you more than you would personally observe, but El Cráter trail is well equipped with signboards that tell you more about certain plants, trees, or places.

Guide Services
-El Cráter Trail: spanish US$8, english US$12 (1-10 persons)
-El Tigrillo Trail: spanish US$12, english US$17 (1-7 persons)
-El Puma Trail: spanish US$17, english US$22 (1-7 persons)


The reserve will open if there are at least 10 people. So if you have a group of ten people just call and let them know. If you have less than ten, call to see if there are more people. You can call to (505) 2552 5858. From Friday through Sunday the reserve is open to the public from 8 AM until 4 PM. See below the truck schedule.

There is also two lodging options available on the volcano and camping for US$20. More information about the Eco Albergue Mombacho and Mombacho Lodge can be found in our Hotel Guide.

Truck schedule during the week
From the main entrance to the reserve (at the top of the volcano) to the Visitor Center (at the top) you can take a local truck up and down several times a day. It cost US$2 for foreigners. This are the time to take in mind:

Monday to Wednesday:

  • Up at 8:30 AM and Down at 11:30 AM
  • Up at 10:30 AM and Down at 1:30 PM
  • Up at 1:00 PM and Down 4:00 PM

Thurday to Sunday:

  • Up at 8:30 AM and Down at 11:30 AM
  • Up at 10:00 AM and Down at 1:30 PM
  • Up at 1:00 PM and Down 4:00 PM

Important notes:
- El Puma trails can not be visited from the 1:00 PM Up schedule of the truck.
- Any truck service after 1:00 PM could be arranged with the reserve Office.


  • Canopy Tour Miravalle
  • Getting There

    The entrance of the reserve is situated on the foot of the volcano. From there, you can take the truck that ascends the volcano four times a day. It is also possible to take you own car, but this has to be a robust four wheel drive vehicle and the driver will need some experience with driving uphill.

    The Mombacho volcano is situated at a junction called El Guanacaste, at kilometer 50 of the highway between Granada and Nandaime. You could take a bus from Granada or Nandaime, or from Managua to one of those places and then to the other.

    Taxis will also find the place. At the junction, it is about two more kilometers to the entrance of the reserve, so it saves some time when you take a taxi anyway from there to the entrance.

    When driving your own car, you will see the signs when driving on the Granada-Nandaime highway. If you come from Managua, take the highway to Masaya. Pass Masaya, and then follow the signs that say Catarina (a couple kilometers after Masaya you will have to take a right). Continue going until the road ends. When this road hits another road (the highway from Granada to Nandaime), you will see the Mombacho right in front of you. Initially you should take a right, but when you really hit the other highway turn around to the left and then you'll see the signs.

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