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Marshall Point Community

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Laguna de Perlas (view on map)

Type: Rural Community



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Marshall Point is a small Garifuna community that still conserves a quite lifestyle, distant from the routine or modern life. Surrounded by a magnificent lagoon and various trees between wooden houses, this town offers a calm environment while sharing experiences with the inhabitants.

Marshall Point is located 35 minutes away from Orinoco. The only way to get there, besides using a boat, is walking. Once you leave Orinco you will pass by the Orinoco Creek river. From this point the trip to Marshall begins. While walking through a wide concrete sidewalk you will see swamps on all sides. The road does not have any signs, however you can always go straight until you reach the little town.

On the road you may find some local people who can give you further information about the area. Even though the path is without signs, there are large gates made of wood that divide the route in zones. Each zone is different than the last one. At the beginning of the trip you will see swamps, however, minutes later is notable how the landscape changes to large green fields where the locals cattle is.

During the trip you will reach to a community called Justo Point, where the first Garifuna people settled down in the area. This locality is preferred by locals on Holy Week due to its calm waters.

At Marshall Point most of its people dedicates to farming and artisanal fishing. Cayucos or artisanal boats can be found on the shores, near to rustic houses with patios covered by fruit trees and flowers. On this area prevail the Fruta de Pan (bread Fruit) tree.

Another significant aspect of this community is the relation between inhabitants. By being a small town, all people communicate and live together peacefully. Children and young people play outdoors or practice traditional activities like playing baseball or fishing, and if you get lucky, maybe you will catch how the cususa or liquor made of corn is elaborated.

Marshall Point also has a central park in front of the lagoon shore. If you are interested in participate more in the community activities or just have good vacations, you can lodge in one of the 2 houses fully equipped for 8 people as maximum.

Getting There

Orinoco – Marshall Point
At the end of Orinoco community and passing by the Orinoco Creek river, the concrete sidewalk to Marshall Point begins. The trip takes 35 minutes.