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Kahka Creek Wildlife Reserve

Department: RAAS

Municipality: Laguna de Perlas (view on map)

Type: Natural Reserves

Predominant Forest
Rain forest
Type of Reserve
Public Natural Reserve



  • Pascal wrote on Aug 11, 2014:

    Un bosque impresionante, muy lindo.

    Les comparto un link con mas informacion

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Kahka Creek is a cloud forest located in the Caribbean Region. This place will carry you to a world where the sounds of toucans and howler monkeys are constant; to a natural space with an 600 years old almond tree, to a field covered with trees and different type of plants that allows eco tourism activities and a relaxing stay in the hostel of the Wildlife Refuge with good company and all the services you need. In short, if you visit the Southern Region of the Caribbean and you prefer to be surrounded by nature, Kahka Creek must be in your list of the top 5 places to visit in Nicaragua.

The Wildlife Refuge Kahka Creek is a hidden jungle of 600 hectares located in the municipality of Pearl Lagoon, just 2 kilometers from Pueblo Nuevo. This natural site is home of countless species of plants and animals, including jaguars, pumas, green frogs with red eyes, howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys, boas, among others. To preserve and conserve the natural resources as well as the existing fauna in the area, FADCANIC develops projects to create a change of vision in the residents who live near the area.

The trip toward the refuge varies depending on the area where you are located. If you are in Pearl Lagoon, the journey time is at least 1 hour. When arriving to Pueblo Nuevo, Don Tito or Yadira will welcome you. They are park rangers. The road to the reserve is long and uneven, therefore the best transportation in the area is on horseback. This is the moment when the experience begins. If you visit the area during winter season, we recommend wearing rubber boots, hooded coat and protector for your baggage due to the rain and the muddy road.

While walking to the refuge, you can have contact with the inhabitants of the area who reside in small wooden houses. The time to reach the refuge is between 35 and 40 minutes.

The Wildlife Refuge Kahka Creek offers energy and drinking water through solar panels. Also, lodging is available. The lodge can accommodate a total of 30 people; 4 rooms are available for accommodate 11 people: 1 single room with private bath (C$300), 3 bedrooms with 3 single beds and shared bathroom (C$150). In case the energy fail through the solar panel, there is a power plant that supplies all the shelter. There are folding beds and tents rental.

The shelter also provides 3 meal service (C$80 each meal) and has a conference area as well as a shelf full of books in English, French, and Spanish. These books have been left by different tourists who have visited the place. Likewise, another facility is fully equipped only a few meters from the hostel where trainings are given.

The lodge is open all year and is adapted for satisfy the customers needs. Furthermore, a telephone, cellular and radio are available to maintain contact with the Wawashang Nature Reserve.

On the other hand, the Wildlife Refuge has two trails where visitants can take tours and have a full contact with nature. These trails are The Tiger and El Punta Fusil (the gun tip). Each trail can be explored in two hours. Tourist can also enjoy tours around the environmental interpretation trails, discover the flora and fauna with park rangers, admire the forest from the observation tower, planting trees in the forest of friendship, relax in the Caño Kahka Creek or do some scientific research.

During the tour on the trails, if you are lucky, you will see toucans, hummingbirds, howler monkeys or green frogs with red eyes. Likewise, you will learn about different types of trees in the area. On the trails are a few stops where small murals are presented with relevant information. In these tours you may be accompanied by the future guide of the refuge, his name is Jaime, and is an active, friendly and very communicative kid who knows the entire area and can provide instructions or simply teach you to play cards back in the shelter.

We recommend to carry a hooded coat, rubber boots, long sleeve shirt, pants and insect repellent.

Getting There

To reach Kahka Creek from Bluefields, you must go to the dock and pay for the commercial boat service. The price of this transportation is C$360, which leads straight to Pueblo Nuevo. The trip lasts 2 hours. The boat departure is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 2 PM; Friday and Saturday at 7 AM. (The boat return from Pueblo Nuevo to Bluefields on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 6 AM)

When arriving to Pueblo Nuevo, you will be welcomed by the park rangers. The journey to the shelter can be made on horseback or walking. The tour has a duration of 30 minutes.

In case you are at Pearl Lagoon, you can take the commercial boat to Pueblo Nuevo. The price for this service is C$250 and has a duration of 1 hour.

The Wildlife Refuge Khaka Creek is located 2 and a half kilometers away from Pueblo Nuevo.