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Ecological Farm El Escondido

Department: Matagalpa

Municipality: Muy-Muy (view on map)

Type: Farms

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday
-No particular check in/check out time.
-Visit confirmation must be done one day in advance.



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Considered as an alternative route from Managua to Muy Muy and from Matagalpa to Muy Muy, the Escondido is an ecological farm, environmentally friendly, where you can appreciate nature at its best and enjoy a fresh weather.

This green area has 69 hectares (7 has. are for organic coffee and 12 has. are forests) and offers the opportunity to have a quiet private day. Also, you will have available an oven to prepare your own pizza and 3 rustic cabins to spend the night

The farm also offers activities such as coffee harvest, horseback riding, take a bath in the Escondido river, hikes and fauna observation. Some animals that can be found are sloths, squirrels, howler monkeys, orioles, toucans, among others.

El Escondido Ecological Farm presents 4 trails to make tours: La Poza Azúl trail, El Salto trail, El Martiñeno trail and La Cascajera trail. Each one of these paths includes a different attraction. Furthermore, untouched areas and some ojos de agua (swimming holes).

Useful Contacts
-Augusto Tinoco Espinoza
8661 9439
-Esther Páez
8821 2423

Getting There

Public Transport
If you are in Managua, go to the Mayoreo Market bus terminal. Here you can take a bus to Río Blanco. The transport service costs C$90.

In case you are located in Matagalpa, go to the North Terminal and take a bus to Muy Muy. Once you are there, go to the Muy Muy market and ask for a taxi that will take you to the farm only for US$5.

Private Transport
From Managua, you must take the road to Boaco to later head to Río Blanco. Once you are in Río Blanco continue to the Muy Muy municipality. Distance between Managua and Muy Muy (through this road) is 140 km. When you arrive to Muy Muy, take the Santa Fe road. The farm entrance is 4 km away.

From Matagalpa, take the road to Muy Muy. Distance between Matagalpa and Muy Muy is 54 km. Once you are in Muy Muy, continue to the Santa Fe road. The farm entrance is 4 km away.