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Chico Largo Hill

Department: Rivas

Municipality: Altagracia (view on map)

Type: Mountains and Hills



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Chico Largo is the name of a small hill located close to the Charco Verde natural reserve, famous for its legends and scary stories.There are several different ones. The central idea is that a very big person (called Chico Largo), who lives on the hills, represents the devil. According to one of the stories, people were transformed into cows after selling their soul to the devil. Notable is the fact that there are many cows living at the area nowadays.

For the ones who dare to take the risk to return as cattle, the Chico Largo offers a nice trail to hike. The trail leads to the top from where you have a superb view. You can see Charco Verde and the Green Lagoon, as well as the small island ‘Isla el Quiste’. Furthermore, you can see the main land rising out of the lake at the horizon.

A hike on this green hill will have another reward when done at sunset. From Chico Largo, you can experience one of the most special sunsets on the island. When the sun disappears at the horizon, the light first bounces off on the Pacific Ocean, which lies right behind a small strip of main land. In addition to the sea and the land, there lies also another significant surface of water of the lake to reflect the light. These unusual conditions make that the sky turns into a truly amazing, colorful setting. The hill provides a great place to set your eyes on this extraordinary sunset.

The hike is rather easy as the hill is not very high or steep. It will take around half an hour to get to the viewpoint. The hill is located on the property of hotel Posada del Chico Largo, from where you can start your hike and get more information. Real daredevils can also attend the full moon parties organized by the hotel. If there is a chance to see the Chico Largo, it is probably during a full moon at the bottom of the enchanted hill…

Getting There

To ger to Chico Largo, one has to get on a bus at the Moyogalpa port and tell the bus driver to drop you off at the entrance of the Charco Verde Natural Reserve. From the entrance, walk for about 300 meters towards the bottom of the hill.