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La Hermandad agro-ecotourism farm

Department: Matagalpa

Municipality: San Ramón (view on map)

Type: Rural Community



  • Leerom Medovoi wrote on Feb 28, 2019:

    If you are comfortable with a rustic stay, Finca Hermandad is truly a wonderful place. It is a small farm that runs a coffee collective, cultural center and small ecotourism project. The cabins have plumbing and running water with toilets, but may not have electricity. Sebastian and Sarai, who run it, will feed you three meals a day and let you wander about. We saw a sloth, howler monkeys, a macaw, Montezuma's pendulum birds, and more. Sebastian will happily show you how they make their coffee. The cost is very low ($20 a day or less per person with three meals) and just a wonderful stay.

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La Hermandad agro-ecotouristic farm (finca agroecoturistica) is home of a rural, working and friendly community and houses a 29 ha. wildlife refuge and natural reserve. It is located in Los Andes, a region in San Ramon municipality, in Matagalpa. In La Hermandad you will be able to get in touch with nature and rural life style. Animals like Toucans, Howlers monkey, Two-toed Sloth, Golden Oriols and more, as well as a variety of wild flora. Get around the farm is possible by many walking path; by them you can reach three viewpoint where beautiful landscape can be appreciateted, including a panoramic view from Los Maribios mountain range until Peñas Blancas massif. In addition, you will enjoy here cloud forest climate and human warmth.

The farm is operated, preserved and inhabited by the families of La Hermandad cooperative. Their agricultural worf is focused on coffee, fruits, vegetables gardens and more. They use ecological, soustainable and environmental friendly production system. Also, La Hermandad has educational projects for children, teenagers, young and adult people.

La Hermandad offers this services:

  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Educational talks
  • Coffee and Mountain tours
  • Cultural activities

The cooperative work is characterized by harmonious actions with people and nature. These families are looking for economical, social and envirenmental sustainability, as a commitment to humnity.

Visitors can learn about coffee, productions system, processing and waste water treatment.

During the rainy season it is recommended to weaing closed shoes (good to walk through mud), pants, huts, sweater, raincoat, insect repellent and camera. For reservation contact Ana Mairena in (505) 8483 0824 and (505) 7798 8137 phone numbers.

Getting There

To come to La Hermandad you should first contact them: (505) 7798 8137, (505) 8483 0824 and (505) 8652 7826 (Ana o Sebastian). They can offer transportation, or meet you if you travel in private transportation.

It is possible to come closer the farm by public trasportation. First, you must come to San Ramon by bus, which leave frequently from la Terminal Guanuca in Matagalpa. Once in San Ramón, the cooperative members can pick you up in a central point, like Sebastian Mairena house, located in front of Plaza de Identidad Historica. Also, from Matagalpa you can take a taxi in San Ramon exit bridge.

If you travel in private transportation, it is recommended to use a off-road vehicle. You must reach San Ramon and search for El Jobo exit (Northeast), where you will see an antenna for telephony (Claro company). From the antenna, where is a La hermandd label, you must continue 6 kilometers to the Northeast.

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