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Museum of Legends and Traditions

Department: León

Municipality: León (view on map)

Type: Museums

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday:
8 AM - 5 PM



  • marcheln wrote on Jun 6, 2011:

    me encanta las tradiciones de nicaragua

  • carolina wrote on May 5, 2011:

    Es un lugar muy bonito donde nos dan a conocer las interesantes historias de nuestros ante pasados... lastima que en ese lugar den una mala atencion, y prefieran a los turistas extranjeros y mal atiendan a los nacionales..... es la verdad !!!!!!

  • Ana Reyna wrote on Mar 10, 2010:

    I would like to say that I enjoyed this website. Now that am older I want to learn all about my native land and all its myths and legends. I am finding it very exciting to read about Nicaragua since my family doesnt really talk about it.


  • Sergio Morales wrote on Feb 12, 2007:

    Cool website! It has inspired me to keep on learning more things about my country. THANK U FOR IT!!!

  • wendy wrote on Nov 14, 2006:

    this is a great website! i found it when i was looking for information on legends and traditions of Nicaragua. this is very interesting and informitive!!!

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León is a city rich in history. The area is known for its many legends, which were - and still are - passed from generation to generation. The museum of legends and traditions has an interesting collection of objects related to about 14 myths and legends. Most of them are from León, and every single one has a different story behind it.

The museum offers a great place to learn more about the golden crocodile, the beheaded priest, or the Spanish colonel. The guides can tell you everything about the history behind the legends, as well as about another interesting parts of the museum: the history of the building itself.

The museum is located inside a building that served as a prison during the regime of the Somoza family. This prison was constructed in 1921, and therefore called ‘Cárcel la XXI’, or ‘Prison 21’. You can see some of the prison cells, as well as the protection wall that surrounds the building.

Practical Information

Entrance fee:

Foreigners: Adults:C$50, Kids:C$20
Nicaraguans: Adults:C$20C, Kids: C$10, Students with students-ID:C$15

Getting There

The museum is located three blocks south from the Southest corner of the central park, in front of the ruins of the San Sebastián church.

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